The Value of Self-Publishing for eReaders

A writer puts in a lot of dedication, effort, imagination and passion in his/ her work. The manuscript goes through numerous editions before it is ready to be shown to a publisher. A well known writer takes less time to write his piece versus a new one who has just started with his/ her work. A lot of things need to be taken care of while writing and one of the most important is to connect with the audience.


Getting a book published is hard work and it is a long process. Not only do you have to write the actual book, which is a very time-consuming and difficult process, but you also have to find an agent and a publisher, send off your manuscript, and then wait to hear back. Even if you do find a publisher, it will be a long time before your book is published and you start to see profits from sales. If you want to make the most out of writing and make money at it as quickly as possible, you definitely need to consider self-publishing through eBooks.

Self-Published eBooks

There are many self-published books that are available only to people who read electronic books with eReaders, so you need to start by looking at those. When looking at other self-published books, think about your own writing and how it can fit in. Many types of literature become trendy at different points so, if you haven’t already started a writing project, you’ll be able to see what is selling well and what isn’t. Then you can plan your own writing accordingly. You’ll also notice that most self-published eBooks are very inexpensive. Some are often free for a period of time, allowing readers to get attached to the series or the writer. If you try this method, you will find that getting readers to write reviews for your book will help you make sales later.

Writing for eReaders

Once you have a plan and begin your writing process, there are some things to keep in mind about self-publishing and eBook. People who use eBook readers are no less engaged in their reading than those who read regular books, so don’t disappoint them. Many people write reviews of eBooks, and there are some things you need to be careful about when you are writing. A big thing to remember is that, even though you are self-publishing, your eBook needs to be well written and well edited. Don’t publish your book, no matter how excited you are, without proofreading it multiple times and having someone else do the same. Reviews about grammatical errors or typos can have a huge impact on how your book is received. Also remember to create an interesting and professional book cover. Many readers will judge your book by its cover, so make sure it catches their interest and doesn’t look sloppy.

You don’t have to wait a long time to publish your book if you are willing to make some changes to your process for eBooks. You can make money by publishing them yourself and you can get them out there available to people with eReaders very quickly. If you already have an eReader, you’re off to a great start; if you don’t have one, you’ll need to invest in one soon. Not only do you need it for research, but you will need it later to check your own format and see how your book will appear on eReaders after publication.

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