Creating an eCommerce Website

Every few years, a company comes along and re-invents an industry. Even less frequently, a person comes along with a vision that changes our lives. Steve Jobs changed the lives of everyone in the world with his company’s Apple Macintosh computers, iPhones, iPods, and iPads, among other items. However, what he really taught people in the business world is that in order to market your company properly, you must really understand the product.


A website and online presence is the cornerstone of marketing for today’s companies. Without a proper website to market their product, a company is going to find themselves really struggling to turn a profit. Many companies now also utilize eCommerce. eCommerce is a great tool because it allows an inexpensive avenue for a business to sell its product, allowing for either lower prices for consumers, greater profits for the business, or both. It is easy enough to create own website, so do not let the initial scariness deter you from promoting your company properly.

Designing an eCommerce Site

The first element a company has to keep in mind when designing their website is what kind of product or products the company is selling. For example, is it shoes, technology, or clothes? Is the service through an online store? Once the company knows what exactly they are selling in their store, they can properly design the website.

Design is more than just the looks of the site. It is more than just a color scheme and nice logo. Design also comes down to intuitiveness and ease of use. These are crucial elements for any eCommerce store. Why you might ask? They are crucial because if a customer cannot properly navigate your company’s website they are less likely to buy your product. People do not have the patience or time these days to try to figure out a company’s website. There are quite a few web design myths that you have to bust before diving into designing your website!

Make sure that the site is easy to navigate, the pictures are high quality, and the copywriting is done in an easy-to-understand fashion. People respond better and spend more on sites in which they can get the information they need about products quickly and easily. If they cannot do this, they are unlikely to buy from your company’s eCommerce store.

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eCommerce Tools

There are many eCommerce tools out there that businesses can use. One of the major requirements of any company looking to sell their products online is going to be the merchant tools they use to sell their products. Companies like PayPal and Google Checkout allow for easy merchant solutions to sell your products. They are also so popular that either people will have pre-made accounts for the checkout services or they will have already used it making it familiar and comfortable.

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It is also advisable to pick a host that will provide the maximum amount of uptime. Most desirable hosts offer 99 percent uptime now, which is about as good as you can find or expect. It is also vital to make sure your hosting is scalable. If your eCommerce business takes off and you have a large amount of traffic, you are going to want to make sure your plan can handle the load, and it will not cost you extra. Hosting fees on “less expensive” hosts can come with many hidden surprises if you were not aware that there would be extra charges for more bandwidth. This can lead to a big cut into profits that your business is likely wanting to avoid. You also do not want your company having angry customers because the site crashes and ruins their shopping experience.

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