25 Cult Movie Poster Reimagined

Cult movies are famous for their conversational film posters and going for a deep dark edgy and sometimes packed to the brim design. Such indulgent, detailed illustrations are not so popular in today’s graphic design scene and so it is that a growing number of designers have chosen to adapt these iconic film posters to give them a more minimal look and feel.

Cult movies are fantastic inspiration for designers. Usually watched time and time again by an individual, particular imagery and dialogue from these much-loved films are easily memorised and can be brought to life very simply in a minimalistic poster design. These reimagined cult-movie posters are pieces of original artwork that capture in its simplest form the theme of the film, an infamous scene or particular character; a design that can speak for the movie as a whole.

Here is a showcase of 25 reimagined cult movie posters that do a fantastic job of capturing the nostalgic essence of the most well-known and much-loved films.

Taxi Driver

The bright yellow colour in this poster is a reference to the iconic taxis of New York as driven by Travis Bickle in the cult-classic movie, Taxi Driver. The fact that Bickle is here depicted in black and white rather than in colour is perhaps a nod to the de-saturated colour in the film’s gory final scene.


creature from the black lagoon

A classic of the 1950s, Creature from the Black Lagoon was one of the first Universal movies to be filmed in 3D. This reworked geometric movie poster makes the images feel like they are popping out of the design, reflecting the view cinema-goers might have had when this was first released.



This classic coming-of-age movie is pretty much summed up here in this super simplistic, yet effective poster design.

Django Unchained

Here it is the main character of Django, played by Jamie Foxx, that is focused on from Tarantino’s cult-classic, Django Unchained.


It’s a Wonderful Life

This poster perfectly depicts what is probably the most memorable scene from this heart-warming story and the typeface also reflects the dreamy tale that is told.



This wonderfully simple design beautifully shows the sheer power of unarguably one of the greatest super-heros in fictional history.



So much about this film can be interpreted from this clever design. Are we looking at a torn limb? A circle of sharks surrounding the boat? The mouth of a shark literally swallowing the boat whole? Either way it’s a fantastic portrayal of the horror found in this classic.


Black Swan

This reimagined poster very simply brings to life the essence of this film. The tale of a fragile and innocent ballerina getting in touch with her dark side, is portrayed in the use of a elegant white ballerina within a black feather and an oppressive red background.


Forbidden Planet

This poster gives what is considered one of the great science fiction films of the 1950s, a modern makeover, most noticeably missing Robby, the Robot.


Ocean’s 11

Featuring two of the most quoted taglines from the original 1960s version of this cult classic, this reimagined design perfectly sums up the story and the style of the ultimate Las Vegas heist movie.


Nightmare Before Christmas

The face of the protagonist of this classic Christmas tale, Jack Skellington, is very cleverly made up of a selection of creepy components of the film; the moon, bats, dark clouds and the town gates.


Breakfast at Tiffanys

Here Holly Golightly’s slender figure is portrayed as a cloud of smoke coming out of her infamous cigarette holder, depicting her trademark accessory and also her happy-go-lucky and yet fragile character.



A visual metaphor for the title of this film. The red fish here could represent the iconic Nemo himself, lost in a sea of white fish, or his father Marlin trying to find Nemo amongst the crowded deep blue sea.



The most defining feature of Spiderman is here displayed sitting on a faint spiders web, showing the strength of this well-loved superhero.


Dark Knight

The use of black, white and grey in this image is suggestive of the fine lines between hero and villain that are a key element of Batman’s “Dark Knight” ethos.


Edward Scissor hands’

A playful image showing the results of Edward Scissor hands’ hairdressing skills.


Hitchcock and Kubrick

Depicted here is the silhouette of the director, Alfred Hitchcock. Known as the ‘master of suspense’, his image here reflects the tale of high-suspense told in this iconic film.


Snow White

At first glance this poster appears to show the core of a poisoned apple from this classic fairy tale, but look again and you can see the faces of Snow White and her prince and a heart-shaped apple seed between them.


A nightmare on elm street

In the dreams of his victims, Freddy Krueger generally first appears as a green and red striped object before transforming into a killer wearing a red and green striped jumper. This poster perfectly depicts the blurred lines between fantasy and reality as portrayed in the film – is the poster about to transform into the famous killer and attack the viewer?


The Jungle Book

The designer here has produced a slightly darker take on this children’s classic. On first glance the image shows Mowgli alone in a misty jungle. A second look reveals the face of Shere Khan, Mowgli’s nemesis.


Pulp Fiction

This poster illustrates one of the well-known scenes in the cult-classic Pulp Fiction, where Butch Collidge comes across a series of weapons and decides upon the Katana sword.


The Goonies

This alternative poster uses the skull of one-eyed Willy, whose treasure The Goonies are searching for. Within the skull, Mikey’s marble bag is used for an eye socket and memorable lines of dialogue are included.



Within a lavish Chinese design to reflect the shop in New York from which the Mogwai is bought, this poster depicts the two sides to a gremlin and the trouble that can occur when three important rules are broken.


The Green Hornet

This design very simplistically shows the masked crime fighting team of Britt Reid and Kato, with Kato driving their technologically advanced car, the ‘Black Beauty’.


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