Top 10 Sites Using Pinterest-Style Interfaces

Is Pinterest your interest? It’s hard not to love the easy-to-use interface of the website, but did you know there are other fun and useful sites that have similarly designed sites? These sites are mostly image-dependent. These style of website could easily suit the photographers and artists alike. Many could also use such pinterest-style for showcasing their portfolio. Even other website designers could use this style for gallery purposes! Below are the top 10 notable Pinterest-Style Interfaces:

1. We Heart It


“Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it,” is a quote accredited to the philosopher Confucius. Well, you can easily find beauty in the form of photography, quotes and fashion on the site We Heart It, where pretty and inspirational images converge.

2. Pictacular


Formally known as Pinstagram, Pictacular is the web version of Instagram that is also available on the iPad. It allows you to easily view and share your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

3. Gentlemint


Pinterest is notoriously known as the “girl thing” with the popularity of categories, including “Women’s Fashion” and “Weddings.” Well, gentlemen, Gentlemint caters to you and all your techy gadget, beer, automobile, and overall manly needs. An invite to join the site is required.

4. Thinng


The premise of this site is to create lists or a collection of favorites – and admit it, who doesn’t like making a favorites list? Similar to Pinterest, you can then share on Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter.

5. Sworly


Visual art and music collide in this site for fun and easy discovering, listening and sharing of new material. The grid-like interface of the site is similar to Pinterest; however, the premise is slightly different. While some images are of still frames, others link you directly to the song or music video.

6. FoodGawker


Who doesn’t get hooked to the feeling of enviously craving the food a cook is making on the Food Network, or gawking at a picture of a gourmet dish on the Internet? For die hard foodies, allow your mouth to water on Foodgawker. Search for food based on what is the latest, most popular, your favorites, or you can randomize the search and submit your own delectable entries.

7. Pinspire


What inspires you? You can share inspirational pieces on Pinspire. The difference between Pinspire and Pinterest is virtually unrecognizable, so consider it double-the-fun in pinning. Pinspire has similar categories to Pinterest, such as architecture, weddings and food and drink.

8. Stylepin


If you want to be a part of super chic fashion site, you will need to request an invite for this particular site. You can browse images based on what’s popular, newest trends, by brand and more. It is eye-candy for the trendiest of fashionistas.

9. Trippy


Trippy offers a Pinterest-Style interface for travelers. Want to go to Beijing, Buenos Aires or London? It differs from other travel-related sites in that its categories are separated based on geography.

10. Flikr


11. Behance


12. myntra


Careful now, as any of these sites are sure to provide hours and hours of entertaining visual (or musical) delight – happy pinning!

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer and online marketing professional from Southern California. She currently works with HostPapa and specializes in everything from social networking and search marketing, to web analytics and design.

Marcela De Vivo – who has written posts on Artatm – Creative Art Magazine.

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