World’s Most Dangerous Photography

Capturing those special moments are very important. You can’t even imagine the places where photography is performed. With the advent of Digital photography in the recent years, it has revolutionized the way photos are taken. Many people use photography to express stories or save special moments. It’s really hard to capture something that is very precious or fierce and in the moment. There are many talented photographers who risk their lives to bring out the best in photography. Remember, it’s all in the mind and not the camera in your hand! Here are some of the most dangerous and amazing photography.

Jonathan Griffiths Wildlife Photography

Wild Cats


How does it feel when something dangerous is in front and you trying to take a picture of it? It’s really an amazing feeling. Jonathan Griffiths had this experience. In the remote American Rockies of Montana with a bitter -40 degrees Celsius, Jonathan took this amazing photo of a Leaping cougar.

It was not an easy task for him in getting this shot. It took him two to three days to gain their trust and photograph them. He gained their attention and calming them by giving pieces of chicken. Jonathan experienced a huge adrenaline rush as he took this amazing shot with the leaping cougar in the air.

Siberian Tiger


In this shot, Jonathan was so close to the Siberian Tiger that he could feel its breath.

Black Leopard


Loud Roar of Brown Bear


Lion Getting Closer


Grey Wolves Eating their prey


Amos Nachoum Underwater Photography

Approaching Shark




Smiling Shark


These photos were taken in the southern ocean off Gansbaai, South Africa. There were three people involved in this amazing shot. A dive expert holding Amos with a belt, another dive expert holding the bait for the shark and Amos who was handling the camera. When the shark approached the bait, it was pulled away towards the camera. When this happened, the shark surprisingly caught the camera housing! Amos tried hard to pull the camera away from the shark and he was successful in getting this amazing shot of the shark.

Leopard Seal


Innocent Penguin


Penguin Being Eaten


It was a bad day for the Gentoo penguin. This amazing photography shows the nature’s best predators. The photo was taken in Antarctica. In this shot, the leopard seal drowns the penguin and then eats it. Every photo of every instance was captured very beautifully.

Adventurous Photography by Boone Speed

Hard Rock


Climbing to the Top


Long Way


Show for Spectators


Imagine if you were making this shot. Looking at this photo, it made me feel scared as if I was taking the photo! Fantastic!!! Being a world class climber, Boone took this amazing shot. He took an adjacent route to the top and anchored the ropes on to the rock and adjusted the position in which he could take the shot. This entire setup was pulled off within half an hour. In the photo, the climber is Chris Sharma who was climbing this route for the first time felt the heat when rocks flew by his side. It was a very intense climb and added more intensity and his determination to the photo.

Kit Cambridge Fearless Photography

If you are acrophobic, then this might not be a good for you. This kind of photography is very common in Russia. There is no safety equipment used or safety nets waiting for you below. Everything is done fearlessly. Please don’t try this as these are made by professionals. You’d have to get Spiderman’s power to make such kind of photos!



No Fear of Heights


Living on the Edge


On the Tallest Building in Berlin


Photo of Liberty: Berlin


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