22 + Awesome Landing Page Templates to Enhance Your Conversion

In order to make a productive lead for your business, using an effective landing page that calls your visitors to make an action is an effective way to convert each visitor to become your customer. The kind of template that you use for your website landing page can significantly affect the way you can enhance its conversion for better productivity to your business. You can use these 22 + awesome landing page templates that could enhance your conversion rate.


Use this HTML landing page with responsive features. It is optimized to adapt to smaller screens like Smartphones or tablets in order to accommodate your landing page visitor with ease of navigation feel when using your site.


This Twitter bootstrap optimized HTML landing page is highly responsive and comes with a working contact form, flex slider, jaquery Pretty photo, and a working subscription form optimized for your business.


This premium landing page offers an intuitive structure. It comes in a clean and professional template designs that could work both as a reference and transactional landing page. It is also customizable that allows you to design your landing page to suit your product or brand.


This is a template that is optimized for selling ebooks. It is responsive for mobile or tablet viewing, built in 960 grids, retina ready design with valid HTML5 and CSS3. You can also use the PSD ebook creator to customize your ebook cover in just a few easy steps.

AutoPilot Landing Page

You can select from the template’s three different themes namely generic, realistic and festive to add variation on your landing page design. It has a contact form in PHP file, photo and video light box, Photoshop files, valid XHTML and CSS and compatible with different web browsers.

Events, Music, Sport, Techno HTML5/CSS3

If you run a business for event management and promotion then this is the ideal template that you can use. It is responsive, with contact page, social icons to share and promote your events with, SEO ready template and Google Map API.

Ambiento Premium Landing Page

It comes with 4 colored skins and layouts, jQuery slider, carousel and fancy box image gallery. In every color you can enjoy 16 possible layout combinations where you can enjoy a total of 64 total layout combination.

RT Themes

If you are looking for a free template that will best convert your landing page with better productivity, this template is a good option. It comes in three color options in green, red and blue and supports PSD files. It also integrates Twitter social to your landing page.


This template will give your landing page a professional look and design. It comes with customizable options and flexible layouts, perfect for promoting products, affiliate marketing, corporate promotion and software marketing.

Dash of Green

Socialeers created this free template designed to encourage your website visitors to take action and sign up for your products or services. It comes in a simple green and white color theme that is optimized for video and image posts.


This is a landing page template created to increase the sign up rate to build a social community where people can date, meet new people and collaborate with others.

Lista Landing Page

This template is optimized for newsletter download for your landing page. You can also offer services where your web visitors could sign up.


This 5 page layout template supports video and images with 9 great color themes to choose from. It is also highly responsive and integrates with Mailchimp.

X-Tech Landing Page

This template is designed with a lot of call to action features especially built for the marketers. It has 8 color variations and you can select from its 3 HTML pages to use as your landing page.

Off The Shelf

This is a template designed for selling ebook. It is an excellent template for ebook authors and marketers alike. It is a lightweight template with fully functional contact form.


This template for your landing page is optimized for selling and promoting your products, brands or services. You can also promote events and other social activities with this template. You can choose to use either a single or multiple landing pages for your promotion schemes.


This template is best whenever you are promoting or selling applications or any product to download. It comes with several tab areas where to post your sales pitch.


This template supports Bootstrap framework and comes in 3 sub-pages more to market your services and products that could enhance your conversion rate.


This is a CSS and HTML landing page for the corporate promotional programs. Its features are professionally designed with a 3 column pricing table, tabs and toggle features.

Bottom Line

This is a template optimized for business to help increase your conversion rate. Its features allow the user to display their products and services professionally using a clean interface and easy to use by its visitors to view what you have to offer them.

Click & Play

If you want to market both Android and Apple apps, this template will be good for business conversion rate. It offers newsletter SignUp, contact form, display tweets on your site, social media links and fully customizable PSD.


This is a template for a landing page that specializes in marketing digital products. It comes with a minimal design that is good for affiliate marketing too. It comes with a custom newsletter form and you can also drive your Envato sales.

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