9 Powerful HTML5 Tools for Developing Cross Platform Mobile Apps

Web developers are perplexed with the dual problems of supporting multiple devices running on various platforms. Cross – platform development is the answer to their problems. HTML5 has introduced many effective features for building cross – platform mobile apps. Apps built using HTML5 have a broader are built for multiple devices and their operating systems. Thus HTML5 is providing innovative business solutions to marketers.

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HTML5 Reset

As the name rightly suggests, this tool let’s developers to re-create their websites with HTML5. The template can be easily downloaded and run on any of the popular browsers. This is a superb integration tool with some updated features. Browser-specific style-sheets have been removed so as to avoid additional work-loads. Instead, the tool lets you add additional comments via Paul Irish’s conditional comment technique for building IE-based classes to the HTML tag with a host of new updates.



This is an easy-to-follow yet an all-inclusive tool that uses HTML5 to build cross-platforms mobile apps. It works well with PhoneGap and is a cool way to create native and web apps. It gives you the flexibility to create an app with JavaScript with a dose of CSS and your job is done. You can use structured MVC, use modular patterns or use simply functional programming. Anything and everything is possible with Jo. This is an open source tool that helps you build custom apps for resolving designs and animation problems.



This is an interesting tool for developers to test their live codes. It uses HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 and offers a quick way to test your coding creativity. The tool has a context-specific ability so that code developing and testing becomes simpler and easier. The tool works just great on any desktop or screen and is a free solution. All you have to do is to simply paste your code without the need to look up for the website.


MoSync Reload

Reload is an entirely wonderful way to build mobile web apps with HTML5 and JavaScript. It is developer friendly tool that shows instant results. Being an open source platform it gives an unlimited access to native functionality, let’s you use your choice of app editor and is fairly easy-to-install. In addition, the tool gives you the freedom to build standalone apps for distribution at stores and in the app-market; along with free and useful MoSync SDK.



This is a free, open source framework that lets you create mobile apps using web technologies like HTML5, CSS 3and Javascript. The platform builds futuristic native mobile apps to work with multiple browsers, so the mobile app can easily utilize native device APIs. Moreover, there is a higher chance of this app getting entry at the app store or Google play. A new service by PhoneGap is PhoneGap Build that has accelerated the development of apps designed for apps stores. PhoneGap Build compiles codes faster for web developers and hands over the final product to them which is ready for submission at app stores. PhoneGap creates mobile apps for Apple, Android and Windows Mobile.


Sencha Touch

As per a recent survey 94% of mobile apps will be based on HTML5. This tool does just that; it gives developers the ability to create HTML5 enabled multi-device mobile apps. It gives the flexibility to craete universal, highly functional, visually appealing mobile apps with state management and built-in components technology. The tool is focused to create dynamic, user centric mobile apps; which brands must invest, in order to, offer custom personal experiences to its users. The new version of this tool has been infused with some dynamic features like charts with expanded flexibility.


MoSync SDK

This is a cross-platform HTML5 and SDK tool for mobile app development. It also uses C/C++ or a HTML5 /Javascript or a combination of both. The platform produces both hybrid mobile apps for various platforms. It uses a single code base to build apps for up to nine different platforms. The MoSync SDK lets web developers create full-featured mobile apps, which take advantage of the influential features offered by Smartphones. By using a single set of APIs, developers get access to location, contacts, communications, graphics, camera, and many native device features. MoSync Reload helps to develop, by writing code and easily uploading them without any complicated step in between. The MoSync platform supports a number of operating systems, like Apple, Android and Windows Phone 7.


The M Project

This is a HTML5 JavaScript framework that helps developers to create versatile mobile apps with ease. This is an open source tool which gives complete flexibility in app development. It offers numerous features such as offline support, local storage, touch-based UI to name a few. The tool lets developers build once and run everywhere approach to mobile app development. Further to all this the tool provides a stable environment for app development as well as a strong collaboration setting with MVC architectural framework.



This is a great tool for web designers and developers who wish to skillfully add videos into their sites. A free HTML5 video player Video.js is based on JavaScript. The video ensures a consistent look and feel between different HTML5 browsers. The player offers a comprehensive JavaScript API fro Flash, HTML5 and any other playback technology. The player is compatible with almost all popular browsers, mobile devices and video formats for an highly engaging experience for its users. Moreover, this is a free too and all one needs to do is to download the source and follow instructions to sync it with your site.



HTML5 will continue to drive mobile app market in a highly dynamic way in times to come. HTML5 lets developers build mobile apps for multiple devices with minimum development effort. Being easily accessible to web developers HTML5 portable codes allow deployment of mobile apps for a growing number of web browsers as well as different platforms.

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