Top 26 Horizontal Scrolling Websites

The use of horizontal layouts by web designers was at maximum in the early ninety’s. But, it didn’t get to reach a good level because of some usability issues. The users were feeling tough and uninterested to scroll the pages to read the content of the website. But, again the concept has come into existence now. The horizontal scrolling is considered to be that of one of the best and unique kind of web design layout. Though it failed to reach maximum number of audiences, it managed somehow to hit the market again.

The web designers like vertical scrolling much more comfortable than horizontal scrolling because of its easy to scroll and use facility. But, still you can find some web designers who wish to use horizontal scrolling and trying to achieve a good usability through some means. They are trying to achieve it through some updated web supporting applications and with some creative applications. The horizontal scrolling websites will look differentiated from other normal websites. It’s not a new concept anyway, but still the web owners who wish to present some unique and on fire web applications to their customers will prefer to choose horizontal screening layout for designing their websites.

The horizontal scrolling layout will not go well with all kinds of websites. It may be suitable for photo galleries or collections and will not be suitable for text rich web applications like blogs. Though horizontal scrolling websites are not user friendly, those who were used internet before 1980’s will find it somewhat easy to use such websites when compared with younger generation now. Being the concept again gained some attention now, this article will help you to know about top 30 websites that use horizontal scrolling concept.



Alex Flueras


Bartle Bogle Hegarty


Black 5


Carrot Creative


C.L. Holloway


Dean Oakley






Eric Johansson


Front End Design Conference


Gavin Castleton


Gudang Damansara


Here Design


Hotel Oxford


Lipton Ice Tea


Love Bento


Mariana Onate


Peter Pearson


Reel Effect


Samuel Esteves


Section Seven


Vanity Claire


Exit 10


Fashion Photographer



Though horizontal scrolling concept is not widely used by web designers nowadays, it will surely reach a big height and wide reach among the people and web designers in the future. Its usability may be an issue now, but due to advancement in technologies and the creative mind of web designers will make the horizontal scrolling concept a bigger success and most preferred one. The web designers and web users will find the websites that are designed using horizontal scrolling concept will find the websites more user friendly to scroll the websites to see the contents. It has again got an attention which simply indicates that it’s going to make a wave in the web design market among the web designers. Some web designers started to make use of this concept nowadays which indicates a positive sign towards the development of horizontal scrolling concept.

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  1. Web Design

    Mostly, people lacks in feasibility with horizontal scroll websites. However, there is a time for everything. Maybe with passing time horizontal scroll websites become popular than the vertical scroll sites.

  2. kamela

    they look nice but i think some of them are not functional. the scroll down doesn’t work for navigation!!!

  3. Surekha Chaudhari

    BBH site design is awesome..

  4. Once I read in an article that most of the people do not use Mac OS because they are accustomed to use Windows OS. Similarly, we are accustomed to use vertical scrolling websites. Mostly, people lacks in feasibility with horizontal scroll websites. However, there is a time for everything. Maybe with passing time horizontal scroll websites become popular than the vertical scroll sites.

  5. Stephen Jonas

    I still like this style, but it seems like many of them take longer to load?

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