Problems in Graphic Designing that Need to Be Avoided

Graphic designing is a kind of visual communication that makes use of a word, symbol, or any visual item and designs it in a way to communicate the underlying message of the design to the public. Graphics designs might be created by grouping together visual images, texts, words, different sized shapes, color combinations, layouts, lines, and dot patterns. A graphic designer plays with these elements in a productive way so as to convey the philosophy and idea of its client effectively to the target population. A graphic designer actually gives life to a clients’ concept. He creates graphic designs that are truly reflective of the client’s product, brand or business.

There are various things to be kept in mind while designing a graphical masterpiece of art. Designers are well trained to manipulate various items and elements of a design to make them look visually appealing to the viewers. If you are interested in learning about graphic designing, first of all you should have a firm grip on the factors, rules, principles and elements of graphic designing that combine together to create spectacular designs. Then you must be aware about the problems and flaws that should be avoided when creating a design.


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Problems to avoid when creating designs


Do not put parallel lines, items, or objects in adjacent columns. Tombstoning confuse the audience in that which part should be viewed first.

Leaving Unnecessary Spaces

Leaving unnecessary spaces just to complete the design is a flaw that must be avoided. Empty spaces in a word, title or graphical element can spoil the look of the design.


Avoid Crowding of Columns

Putting text columns together in congested locations create immense mess on a page. Leave sufficient empty space at the sides of the columns to make the layout more clear and understandable

Bold Headings

Headings and text should be clearly distinguished. Headings and titles should be kept bold with a larger font size to make them clearly separate from the rest of the content.

Avoid Underlining

Underlined words, elements and text create difficulty in comprehension. Make bold titles, italicize them, but avoid underlining.

Avoid Floating Titles and Headings

Make sure that the heading, subheadings, and titles are near the text. Floating headings confuse the viewer in determining that which heading introduce which text.


Equal Space

Try to create consistency in your design. Create a balance. Leave equal spacing between every element in a design. Adequate spacing creates a rhythm and makes the design flow in a smooth manner. Unequal spacing between headings, text, and visual elements distort the meaning and idea behind the design. Of course you can leave different sized spacing, but even that should be kept consistent.

Place the Logos Carefully

Quite often, the address, contact information, copy write details, and logos are placed in locations that make the information very difficult to view and read. This info along with the logo should be placed first before plotting the design so that one should be aware to place the design in a way that it does not get squeezed with the information.

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