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It is always important for designers to have every idea about each and every design element. Fonts are one of the most important aspects of any design. Be it a graphic designer or a web designer, it is always important to know your fonts. There are specialist typographers to help find best of the fonts for client websites and graphics. But there are many times, when even these specialists cannot identify what the font name is or from what family the font belongs.

Many times, you find some great font online and you are left wondered what that font is so that you could use it for your current or future projects. This id when the services of WhatFontIs come in real handy.


What is WhatFontIs?


WhatFontIs is an online cloud like service to find and identify fonts that you liked. The idea is simple but really great. You need to upload the image of the font that you want to identify and in return get the best match, optimal name of the font. Except for getting the best match name, one great thing about WhatFontIs is that it displays the first 100 fonts that match the image of the typeface that you have provided and choose the one that most resembles your font.

You do not need to download any software and learn how make the thing work, this is a great cloud service with more than 150,000 fonts available in the database of WhatFontIs. It finds not only free but also commercial fonts for you.

How to Identify Fonts?

Step 1

Upload the image with the font that you want to identify. You could even enter the URL of the image, but this might take a bit longer to identify. There are also other options like whether you want to find just commercial fonts or free fonts.


Also you need to be a bit specific with the image that you upload, like the background should be of single colour. It cannot be multi colour. If the background is light the front font should be dark, if the background is dark the front font should b light.


In this example I have used the name of my blog “ARTatm” with light background and dark front font.


Step 2

In the second step, you need to type in the letter shown in each image in the text box that is next to it. This is done to confirm to the system what a letter of the font is supposed to be. There is also option to leave a text box blank if in case a letter is not supposed to be understood or is not valid. You could even overlap two images using drag and drop to try and make a single word.

In the below example I have input A R T a t m separately in different text boxes after overlapping two images.


Step 3

On this page you would get the best match of your typeface image. Even if the best match is not the one that you are looking for then, WhatFontIs gives you other 99 alternatives to try and give you the optimal font name.



WhatFontIs is a great and useful service. It is definitely something that should be kept in the arsenal of every designer. The site also has some pretty great features like keyboard shortcuts. It has a collection of more than 150k fonts. You could anytime browse through this collection and get the best font that you would need for your project. Other great thing is the service is cloud based. You do not need to save anything on your computer. The site also has great forum where staff and users interact and give solution to many of your font issues. Also, they have started Firefox and Chrome extension that you could take advantage of. WhatFontIs is a great feature. Even if you do not have use of this service, it is a great tool to just fool around and play for a bit!

WhatFontIs is a great feature. Even if you do not have use of this service, it is a great tool to just fool around and play for a bit!

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