15 Really Useful WordPress Dashboard Plugins

WordPress Dashboard interface is pretty boring. Although it does have a lot of feature and is pretty useful, but improvements can always be done to the best of the things. When managing multiple blogs or authors or managing a single large website, you are sure to need something very special for your users. These wordpress dashboard plguins would help you save a lot of time and also boost up your managing power of the website. In this post we are publishing 15 Amazing and Useful wordpress plugins for dashboard. Hope these might help you to stop wasting time in your admin area and concentrate more on creating great content.

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Easy Admin Color Schemes

I really think that the wordpress dashboard default color is pretty subtle and makes it look clean. But, then there are many who would go against me on this. So for such people this plugin should be a really boon. This plugin helps you to easily customize the admin interface. It has loads of color options with nice combinations.


Admin Management Xtended

Are you fed up of going into each post or page for doing most of the simplest changes? I surely am. This plugin is for people like us. This plugin helps you change the categories and tags inline on the “All Posts” page. Help you change the publication date inline with a neat calendar interface. Changing of title and slug is also easier.



The wordpress dashboard panel is filled with all the unnecessary items and menus. This plugin help you hide this unnecessary items. You could hide not just the main dashboard options but also you could cleanup your post and page writing interface like the post meta.


AG Custom Admin

This is an all-in-one plugin. This hides items in the admin panel. Helps you customize the admin bar and footer text. Provides color options for the dashboard interface along with the login page.


Clean Admin

This plugin helps you clean your dashboard. It changes the buttons, on hover effects of the menu, provide smiley’s into post, etc.


Fluency Admin

This is great plugin which helps you to change the logo of the wordpress and replace it with your own. Few color options. Custom Login screen. Hot keys for navigation.


JS Style Admin Drop Down Menu

This plugins creates a great drop down menu style in your dashboard. It puts your menu horizontally, freeing up a lot of space. This makes your dashboard clean and more manageable. This also provides you with a few color options too.


Mobile Admin WordPress Dashboard Plugins

With the Smartphone’s trend, the need to update your website or blog on the go has gained more speed. This plugin help you to update your website from your mobile very conveniently. It keeps a familiar dashboard interface while providing all the functionalities available.


My Brand Login

The wordpress login and registration pages are pretty boring. This plugin adds a bit of spice to the pages and creates a wonderful interface. The plugin is pretty simple and user-friendly.


Ozh Admin Drop Down Menu

This plugin provides all the admin links horizontal CSS driven drop down menu. This gives a lot of screen space to your dashboard. It is compatibility with many other devices. Provides a few color options.


Pop Menus


Qwerty Admin Panel Theme

It can be useful in helping to maintain your design, color schemes and branding on multi-author blogs and sites with user-contributed content, adding a nice touch to sites developed for clients, or simply personalizing your blog’s administration, look and feel.


TinyMCE Advanced

This plugin helps you have lot more options on the WordPress WYSIWYG editor. It adds emoticons, table, style, print, date and time options to your default editor.


WP Admin Theme

This is a very simple plugin with which you could change the CSS of your dashboard on your own without opening any file.


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