Best Free iPhone Apps of 2012

There are hundreds and thousands of free apps for iPhone. It is difficult to say which one is best among the all. So I tried to compile up a list of all those apps that are really worthy to be installed according to my use and requirement.

1. Lonely Planet

Start your journey by downloading the free Lonely Planet Travel Guides app. You can buy and store your Lonely Planet country guides, city guides, audio phrasebooks and audio walking tours. You can also check out some of the free ‘lite’ guides.


Download here

2. Park Finder

Oh, Ranger! is your virtual guide to the outdoors you fire up the app, plug in your location and either see which parks are near you or find an activity you want to do to filter out the parks that let you do it.

Download here

3. iBooks

Effectively iTunes for books, the app combines a reader and store, in Apple’s typically usable and integrated fashion. Usefully, iBooks includes PDF support and bookmarks automatically sync across devices.


Download here

4. 4oD Catch Up

Technically, more like ‘4oD Catch Up With A Specific Chunk of Channel 4?s TV Shows Only’ (archives are minimal in the iPhone version) also 4oD Catch Up lacks subtitles and AirPlay support. But it’s free, unlimited, and gives you a month to catch up with Channel 4?s programming on your device.


Download here

5. Instagram

Take a photo, smash a filter into it, and upload it. Instagram’s service is now used by millions of people to share nuggets of visual loveliness, and the app itself is a pleasure to use, and also to browse during moments when you’re not feeling quite so inspired.


Download here

6. Around Me

New in a town and don’t know about the shops, banks, pharmacies and even your exact location. This application will guide you in the best suitable way. You can check your location and can find out different banks, Pharmacies, Restaurants, Bars, Coffee and approximately every famous place. The best part is that it is absolutely free of cost.


Download here

7. iTunes U

iTunes U is perfect App that will provide you complete access to all different free courses from top universities of the world. In Short, it is the world’s largest digital library. So, this application developed by Apple will help you to get educational content for you


Download here

8. Google Earth

Although Apple has introduced new Maps app in iOS 6, but this app is really poorly designed app. However, Google Earth by Google is a perfect app which will help you to fly around the globe with some swipes.

Download here

9. Tripwolf

Discover the most popular destinations in the world with Tripwolf, your travel guide. Follow the recommendations of the Tripwolf community and get tips from experienced travel writers.

Download here

10. iHandy Level Free

One of the tools from the excellent iHandy Carpenter toolkit app, iHandy Level Free turns your iPhone into a spirit level. By default, it’ll show just how wonky your device’s accelerometer is, but tap the calibrate button and you get an accurate and great-looking level.


Download here

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