A Target Oriented Design – 3 Critical Pointers that will help you achieve it

If you are a web designer or a graphic designer your need would be to reach out to a worldwide audience. You cannot sell everything to everyone. If you do not know whom to target through your marketing then it will be like shooting arrows in the dark. So what do you exactly need to do is find your target market and start selling your services to them.

If you target a potential group you will be able to find prospects who are interested in your services and it will easier to generate results. Put more efforts into attracting your target audience and that will be fruitful for you. Try to sell your services to those who relate to it. Channel your efforts in a single direction and you will be able to find more prospective clients for your services. But there are steps you must take to ensure that you reach the right people which will yield positive results. Before you market your services you need to do some homework and make sure that your efforts will not go in vain.

Research your Target Market

We cannot sell anything to everyone. We need to be specific about who we want to target. You need to talk to people, possibly by conducting a survey to see what they are looking for. Always get more information of the industry and the interests of the people. This will help you to understand which people to target. Get feedback on the design of the products which will help you understand what attracts a customer.


One you identify whom o target then you will be able to get more customers. More customers will lead to more revenue that in turn will lead to profits. So do as much as research you can on the market, products, and expectations of consumers. See how the users respond in the survey and this will help you where to start.

Present your Product Design

When you create a design, it should click. It should relate to the buyer and should be able to convince him to buy that product. In this stage you need to know your customer’s psychology and they should find a connection through your design. Highlight your target group by conveying through your design that you have not only the skills but that you can actually give them beyond what they had expected. So any design you put out there, be it print or web they need to connect with the audience and that is how they will check out your product.


Find Balance in your design

When you design anything it must appeal to the audience. So there has to be a lot of clarity in your design. There has to be order and cleanliness in your design. The design should be such that it conveys everything that it is expected to convey. There should be a balance of colors, images, text and layout. When it’s a website it is the face of your company. So if the face has problems then customers would not want to come to you even if you are the best in the world. So always try to find a balance in all the elements in every form of design. To be successful the design must appeal and the design is what a user sees first before all the other intrinsic elements. Th design should stand out and it should have your distinct mark on it. So always find right balance or else the design would fall part.


Good practices leads to good results. So keep all these points in your mind for any kind of design.

Ellis is a professional research Analyst with interest in responsive web design, graphic design and related subjects. Viteb is a professional web design outsourcing company that offering to web design, mobile ecommerce solutions and cross platform mobile application development to diverse industries such as entertainment, education, sports etc.

Ellis – who has written posts on Artatm – Creative Art Magazine.

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