Top 5 Pinterest Plugins for WordPress

Pinterest is an online pinboard. Facebook lovers already got equipped in sharing and liking the images/books in internet. Pinterest is similar to facebook. Plugins are nothing but from which additional but at the same time extraordinary features can be obtained. Similarly Pinterest plugins provide amazing features. Pinterest dominates over instagram in promoting business along with the plugins. Connect, share, like are the key terms of Pinterest. Internet is the global medium for the embedding, budded, professional enthusiasts. Sharing of known factors by means of Pinning is the ultimate goal of Pinterest and Pinterest plugin will add additional flavours on top of it. It is the common mentality of an individual to get content or image as per their desire quickly.

In this post we are sharing the top 5 pinterest plugins for wordpress. These might come really handy in increasing your presence online and also at the same time help to increase the traffic to your blog or website! These could really help you get better engaged with your readers!

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Pinterest “Pin It” Button

This plugin is the ready to use plugin that gets downloaded at no charge. It provides options to the users while pinning the contents and images. Options include provisions to pin the images horizontally or vertically and features to show or hide the button, customizable feature in short modification to CSS. Dominant features help the users to note the content on Pinterest to follow easily.

Pinterest Pinboard Widget

For any web page, caching is the main and less time consuming factor while downloading a web page. With Pinterest Pinboard Widget, pinning will be done once in 15 minutes. In thumbnail fashion, all the latest pins are displayed in the website.

Pinterest RSS Widget

This plugin allows you to place a widget on your sidebar that fetches the most recent contents of a Pinterest user’s RSS feed. Pinterest RSS Widget helps to have fresh content from around 25 pins. Various options like the provision to show or hide the description below the image and the Follow button with different font sizes etc., are available.

Pretty Pinterest Pins

Prettiness is always everyone’s favorite. It is no matter that the pins belong to individual owners or followed up from friends/groups. Pretty Pinterest pin allows all the own or followed interesting pins in thumbnails fashion in sidebar. Various options to customize the widget are also available. Few are restriction of pins from specific boards, specification of number of pins to display facilities to show or hide image captions and has a Follow me button under the pins.

Top Social Share Posts

Social media network is the dominating feature in internet and hence easily one can become popular by sharing their favorite likes, news, events etc., Top Social Share Posts plugin tracks the counts from other social networks namely pinterest, facebook, twitter, Linkedin etc., Plugin automatically detects post types in different sites and accumulated under available content. List your top posts by share count for each social network and display post lists as a jQuery accordion, a slick carousel widget or create a slider showing the top post by network.


Internet era is growing day by day. Many social media sites are available. Pinterest is one of the top list social media site. With Pinterest, one can redecorate the home, plan a wedding, and find the style, save inspirations/recipe. Pinterest plugins decorate one’s article or image or video to an amazing extent. Promotion of business can be done in right time distribution of messages in the form of sharing. It is very clear that Pinterest plugins will help to increase one’s business productivity to incredible distance.

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