17 Creative Logo Designing Tips And Tricks

Majority business entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of a logo design for their company, and how it affects their brand. One of the toughest designing job is to design a logo. It is a small design, which has to serve a huge purpose. A logo designing is not only present on company’s paper or the main door, it’s the main trademark of the brand. The logo needs to be unique, so it can be solely used for one company. There are many logo designing tips to follow, and I have tried to narrow it down them to 17.

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17 Logo Designing Tips to Create a Great Logo

1. Main purpose

It is not always necessary to design a logo about what a company represents or does. Don’t use relevant things, because you can do better. Relevant things are like putting a table with apple and books to show a logo for teachers, or anything like that. There’s no top company, whose logo has any relevant information about their work given. Take for example the Apple Logo. It does not show what Apple makes! Thus, do not include things but include purpose into the logo!

2. Readable and clear

Make the design simple, so people can read it easily when passing by. You can choose different styles and typography, such as modern, bold, classic, corporate, high-tech, and cartoon. The thing’s no matter what style you chose it should be clear. When you add too many things to one design, Logo gets unclear and messy. Just give a simple and unique design, that’s what will make it stand out.

3. Simplicity

You must have heard the term simply beautiful many times in life, well now is the time to apply it. The logo does not have to be artistic, it can be simple, and give out the message perfectly. Do not go for complexity in order to explain your company, it really puts off many consumers

4. Color scheme

When picking colors for a logo, use the basic colors like red, black, green, yellow, white, and blue. These colors easily emphasize the design, and makes it standout. Now-a-days many companies are going for illustrator when designing logos and use the color scheme. It really makes the logo attractive to view at!

5. Two-way

There can be a time, when the client doesn’t like your design, and might ask you to go in the opposite direction. To avoid this matter, make two logo designs, one your client wants, and another you thing will look best. Show your client the design they want, and then show them the design you think will look best. This way you are sure to get a great logo and also a faster approval from the client!

6. Logo Size

A good logo needs to have all the qualities, like perfect color and clarity. In addition to that, it must also be of the perfect size. A size that’s not too big or too small, and is easily visible.

7. Imaginative

Another important aspect when designing a logo is that you need to be imaginative. All you have to do is let your imagination do the magic. Making a logo using a brand name and imagination, will lead to the creation of a unique logo.

8. Sketching

Sometimes sketching can be exactly what a logo design needs. When making a logo you can try first to sketch a logo, and then later line drawing could be considered.

9. Black

When you designing any logo, start by making it with the background of colour black. If the logo design looks good in black, it will look good on any colour possible.

10. Usage of words

If you want to use words in your logo, never exceed more than five words. As, you are making this logo for the people to remember, a short one will do the trick. The text needs to be easy to remember, and catchy.

11. Shape

Avoid using shapes that are complicated, and confusing. Try to use basic shapes, that can be easily recognized.

12. Mood

Keep in mind the mood of the logo, for instance a funny approach for a hospital won’t be the way to go.

13. Scalable

The logo design has to be printed on different things like envelopes, papers, file etc, so the logo should be easily scalable.

14. Springs and loops

Adding springs and loops to your logo design means that the image or letter in the logo is made more visually appealing.

15. Animation

Yes, animation can be used in logos, but it must be used smartly, and wisely and it must be kept as the last option, as it is not liked by many viewers.

16. Single Alphabet

Using a single alphabet logo adds value to the design, and increases its appeal to public.

17. Abstract

Designing an abstract logo’s very hard to master, but looks great, and leaves an unforgettable impression.

A logo can be many things, and can be made using many techniques, but the best logo is the one that is original and creative. Being creative on every task give in hand might sound hard, but it’s not impossible. The key to any good logo design is imagination.

This is a guest post from Lewis Hooker, who is working as a web developer. He is currently associated with database development. You can reach him via gtalk: LewisHookerOnline[AT]Gmail.com

Lewis Hooker – who has written posts on Artatm – Creative Art Magazine.

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