10 Best Free Photoshop Alternatives

Despite the fact that Adobe Photoshop is currently a clear leader on the market of graphic editors, there are still some decent Photoshop alternatives available. Whether use them or stay with Photoshop is up to you, but nevertheless you should know about them.

For many people who work with graphics Photoshop is a basis for the use of extensions and plugins. But plugins can be applied to other graphic editors as well.

PhotoFiltre Studio

photofiltre studio photoshop alternatives

PhotoFiltre Studio is one of the editors that support Photoshop plugins. Apart from that it has its own extension called 8BF Filters. It is an easy-to-install collection of filters.

Many people don’t want to use Photoshop alternatives because they are afraid to get lost in the new program interface and not to find the option they need. In PhotoFiltre such users are offered a module for working with layers. For those who like to create a certain style for a photo about a hundred of integrated filters are offered. Also you may work with brushes and if you don’t find the brush according to your taste, feel free to upload your own brush. Different stroke effects are available for brush sets.

Photo editor PhotoFiltre Studio uses two main variants of selection:

  • Ready geometric figure (rectangle, ellipse, diamond, etc.);
  • Free form (any from).

For working with graphics a function of saving the selected area in a separate file may be really useful, as this area will be available for further changes later on.


Photobie Photoshop Alternatives

Photobie is a free program that supports Photoshop filters. Here’re the main advantages of this product:

  • Special manager for managing plugins
  • A large number of supported filters
  • The capability to upload 3DS models as a separate layer
  • Great set of instruments in the free version

PixBuilder Studio

Pixbuilder Studio Photoshop Alternatives

PixBuilder studio may be called Photoshop’s “younger brother”: it looks very much like Adobe’s product. Even the interface elements layout is the same – tool bar, layers palette, etc. Photoshop plugins support is realized really well. As well as Photobie has a special manager for 8BF filters. This program will provide you with the usual set of instruments for photo editing. Among the drawbacks a limited number of instruments for working with layers can be mentioned, but it actually depends on a user. And those who like to draw will be a bit disappointed with little choice of brushes.


Gimp Photoshop Alternatives

From my point of view, Gimp is the best alternative to Adobe Photoshop. This photo editor has a lot of extensions and plugins. Apart from that, this program is cross-platform and supports more than 30 image formats. There are instruments for working with layers, masks and filters. The main peculiarity of Gimp is interface organization which is presented in the form of several windows (main window, settings window, etc.). What is more, you may adapt the interface as you wish.

In order to work with a photo you’re offered a set of tools for color correction, different filters, masks and layers with different types of overlapping. Apart from editing, Gimp provides you with a great set of tools for drawing with scalable brushes.


Inkscape is a free vector editor, which came to Windows from Linux. Well, maybe it doesn’t have all the Photoshop functions but still there are plenty of them in the editor. It will provide you with the main functions you need to work with the images. The program uses W3C standard which is called Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and supports almost all (if not all) image formats, including popular JPEG, PNG, TIFF formats and others.

inkscape photoshop alternative

The app is supported in different languages, which is very important as there may be some questions. All you need is to ask at the forums and you’ll get the answer directly from the developers. And as I have already mentioned, the program is absolutely free, which is a really important feature. So if you’re not a professional designer, this app will meet your requirements.



Paint.NET is another pretty famous project with open source code. The developers are the graduates from Washington State University.

First of all, it should be mentioned that the app, unlike many other free apps, has curves for which are a very important tool for professional setting of color rendering. The program supports image import from external devices, such as scanners and digital cameras. Interface of Paint.NET reminds that of a Photoshop but some functions are realized even better, I think. Thus, you may automatically set the background and filling colors for left and right mouse buttons. Also, you may imitate sepia effect and create procedure patterns, for example, clouds and fractal images. In this program you’ll find a lot of Photoshop filters. The standard set of filters may be enlarged by different addons that are developed by the fans. All these addons are available on the official forums.



Photoscape is a pretty powerful graphic editor with many tools which lets even newbies to edit and improve their images. The main features of the program are the following: creation of slide-shows, editing and processing of images (resizing, addition of signatures, correction, etc.), a lot of effects, filters, and others. The program supports the ability of batch processing, it means that several images may be processed with the same parameters. And if you take into consideration the fact that this app is free, then you may forget about Photoshop.

Online Photo Editors – Photoshop Alternatives

So now you know the main Photoshop alternatives. At the end of the article I’d like to add the list of online editors which will help you to edit your picture right from your browser:

Am I Missing Anything?

Is there any other alternative that you may have used or known? Let us know of those in the comments below!

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