10 Most Useful WordPress Plugins

If it is for a platform that is great and astonishing, WordPress is the apt place to look at. With prominent features as a great blogging tool, WordPress happens to be in the favours of millions. WordPress is open to various plugins and themes, without which several WordPress bloggers could not have succeeded. There are hundreds of WordPress plugins that allows you to come up with an excellent site or blog. Listed below are few most useful wordpress plugins that are awesome to get with.

Mac Photo Gallery

This photo gallery extension developed by Apptha, lets you to upload photos, images and multiple albums with a Mac dock effect. Mac photo gallery allows you to switch between one image to another in a much much easy way. The plugin also allows Facebook sharing options like downloading, sharing and commenting. This WordPress plugin lets you to import albums directly from Picasa, Flickr and Facebook.


Facebook Comments for WordPress

Facebook Comments is a WordPress plugin that lets your blog visitors to comment on your blog posts via their Facebook accounts. This plugin helps in achieving Facebook – like marketing, by which your visitors can post their comments on their Facebook wall, which in turn drives traffic to your blog.


Flickr Photo Album

This is a photo gallery plugin for wordpress which allows you to upload photos to your blog through your Flickr account. For this, you just need to pin your Flickr account with your site. This automatically displays the photos on your blog once you add them on Flickr.


Smart Youtube Video WordPress Plugins

Samrt YouTube is a video gallery plugin that allows you to play videos from Youtube, Vimeo and Metacafe. This WordPress video plugin is compatible is all modern and high quality video protocols like high defintion, 360p and similar others.


All In One SEO Pack

I think this is the one of the most useful wordpress plugins available as SEO is very important for any blog or website. This SEO plugin for WordPress comes with an exclusive package for SEO where you can get assistance of Google Analytics, custom post types, advanced canonical URLs and fine tune navigational links. The plugin also has an API in-built and hence other plugins can get access over the functions.


Slick Social Share Buttons

This WordPress plugin enfolds features to add social sharing buttons (either in sliding or floating panels) for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, digg, reddit, buffer, stumbleupon and Pinterest. This happens to be a perfect plugin for blogs which are looking for a way to enhance traffic on social networks.


Google Analyticator

Like All in One SEO Pack, this is yet another plugin that serves the purpose of SEO for your blogs. This plugin has options to view all the Google stats of your blog. You can also enable Google analytics log in into your blog, so that you can track each and every stat on your site.


WordPress Editorial Calendar

This is a WordPress plugin that allows you to manage the status of your posts based on the dates they were published. You can filter them based on the dates and also drag and drop them from one date to another. The drafts drawer feature that comes along with this plugin lets you to manage your drafts easily.


Twitter Widget Pro

If you ever wanted to display your latest tweets in your wordpress site, then this has to be the best of all the widgets. It is fairly easy to use. It properly handles twitter feeds, including parsing @username, #hashtags, and URLs into links.



Used by more than 1M sites, the ShareThis plugin allows users to share your content through email and 120+ social networks including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Digg, Stumbleupon and Google Plus.


Apart from these, there are also few other WordPress plugins like WordPress Video Gallery, Disqus Comment System and HD FLV Player Plugin – WordPress which are already being getting used on many sites!

Riya holds 3 years of experience as a web developer and wordpress gallery designer. She is an experienced blogger who constantly writes about open source platforms in web development. Presently, she has also started to write for deals website software for eCommerce platforms.

Riya Sherin – who has written posts on Artatm – Creative Art Magazine.

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  1. frank

    Twitter@Anywhere and Socialite WordPress Plugins : “This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years.” Good selection :-/

    • Jitu

      @Frank We really apologize for making such a mistake. Thanks for pointing our mistake! We have removed the two outdated plugins and have added to others, The Twitter Widget and the ShareThis plugins.

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