Why Safari Works Faster Than Any Other iPhone Browser

There are a lot of comparisons between Safari and other browsers with very mixed reviews. Apple is working hard in their attempts to provide the best browsing experience for iPhone users and so this article is focused on Apple’s views and what features Safari can bring to complete with other internet browsers out there. There are a lot of pretty cool features that need to be mentioned and some can save the user time, and effort!

Smart Search

Safari is designed to try to help the user. There is one field, like Chrome’s Omnibox, which allows users to enter either search terms or web page URLs. The browser will take you straight to the web page and claims to be smarter in being able to complete the URLs that you begin to type. It gets to know the user and will even suggest a ‘Top Hit’ when you enter search terms. The Top Hit is based on your history and bookmarks and is what Safari believes will be what you are looking for based on what it knows about you.

Developer Features Nitro JavaScript engine

Safari has been developed to support the latest of JavaScript and ECMA 262 version 5.1. This is the great news for those looking to develop their own web pages. Web pages are also said to load faster with the help of the Nitro JavaScript engine which goes to work and prevents pauses whilst loading. This means that you can benefit from faster browsing and don’t have to wait for your laptop to catch up with itself.

Integrated Sharing

Sharing is integrated and Safari has the share button readily available so you can share anything you like, as you find it. You can share pages via email, messages, Facebook and Tweets. Best of all, you only have to sign on once and you can even choose the format you send it in if sending via mail.

iCloud Tabs – Synchronizing all your devices


The ability to sync all of your devices goes beyond anything the user has seen before. Using iCloud Tabs mean that you can see the web pages that you last viewed on your Mac on your iPhone or iPad as well. So, if you need to leave in a hurry, you can continue your browsing on the move without having to start all over again! Click the iCloud Tabs button and see your last viewed pages on another device. You can also opt out of this if you choose. For the best out of your broadband and your iPhone; check out the best SIM only deals.


Privacy is important and you can opt to turn on ‘Do Not Track’. This means that Safari will send a message to the websites you explore to say that you don’t want to be tracked!

Offline Reading List

A fantastic feature is the Reading List. Safari can store whole web pages content for you to read later. Best of all, you don’t have to be online to read these stored pages.

Tab View

The Tab View feature means you can use your touchscreen for a quick view of what you’re looking at. You pinch the screen with your fingers and get a view of all of your open tabs! You can move between them by swiping and tap on the tab that you want to see. It makes it a lot easier to navigate and make use of having multiple tabs open on a smartphone browser. There is a View Tabs button as well for simple use.

Something Extra for Chinese Users

There is even something extra for Chinese users. The Chinese leading search engine is optional and readily built into the search field. Sina Weibo is also built into the sharing options and so Chinese users can benefit from sharing things straight from Safari as well.

It’s fair to say that Apple have tried to bring features that will impress and will suit everyone. Everyone will have their own preference as to which web browser they prefer, but the new features Safari has to offer are pretty cool and definitely have the potential to make any user experience easier and even fun.

Safari has a lot to offer the user for the ultimate browsing experience. There are a lot of views about which browser is the best so it’s time to explore the features that Apple believe make Safari a great contender.

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