Evolution of Olympic Posters From 1896 To 2012

The 2012 London Olympics are just round the corner. Officially the Games of the XXX Olympiad, London Olympics is going to start from 27th July and ends on 12th August 2012. London Olympics is also being touted by many as the first “Social Games”. While many people around the world might get inspired by performances of many athletes, it is now time for the designers all around the world to start getting inspired by the way Olympics is utilizing Graphic Design to get all the attention. There are various elements through which the designers could get inspiration from Olympics like the Olympic posters to banners to Olympic logos and mascots.

Olympic Posters resemble the nation where the games are being held. Posters resemble the color, the mood, the feelings of the nation towards the games. Designers designing the Olympic posters need to keep in mind the typography which plays a very important role. Posters for Olympics started to be used from 1896 when the games were first being held in Athens. When we have a look at these posters we could see how greatly the posters have evolved from then 1896 to current 2012. In this post we are publishing the Evolution of Posters in Olympics from 1896 to 2012

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Summer Olympic Posters

1896 – Athens


1900 – Paris


1904 – St.Louis, USA

St Louis_USA_1904_olympic_poster

1908 – London


1912 – Stockholm, Sweden


1920 – Antwerp, Belgium


1924 – Paris, France


1928 – Amsterdam, Holland

c _1928_olympic_poster

1932 – Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles_USA _1932_olympic_poster

1936 – Berlin, Germany


1940 – Helsinki, Finland (cancelled)


1948 – London, UK

London _UK_1948_olympic_poster

1952 – Helsinki, Finland


1956 – Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne_Australia _1956_olympic_poster

1960 – Rome, Italy


1964 – Tokyo, Japan


1968 – Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City_Mexico_1968_olympic_poster
Mexico City_Mexico2 _1968_olympic_poster

1972 – Munich, Germany


1976 – Montreal, Canada

Montreal_Canada _1976_olympic_poster

1980 – Moscow, Soviet Union

Moscow_Soviet Union_1980_olympic_poster

1984 – Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles_USA _1984_olympic_poster

1988 – Seoul, South Korea

Seoul_South Korea_1988_olympic_poster

1992 – Barcelona, Spain


1996 – Atlanta, USA


2000 – Sydney, Australia

Sydney_Australia _2000_olympic_poster

2004 – Athens, Greece


2008 – Beijing, China


2012 – London, UK

london olympics 2012 poster
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  1. Samuel

    Thanks for this really interesting and inspirational collection, not just for showing the evolution of the Olympics poster but also for the different influences and trends that have been used in graphic design over the past decade. I love the style and colour that have been incorporated into in the 1972 Munich poster.

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