A Showcase of Highly Creative Typography in Web Design

Typography has found a natural home on the internet. The limitations of paper, like its size, how ink interacts with the page and the costs, are practically non-existent online. For that reason, website typography has become more experimental and incredibly creative.

Like free form poetry, typography without predetermined limits needs to demonstrate such a mastery of the rules of design that the rules can be broken to a thrilling effect. Generally, the best typographical designs keep the number of elements involved to a minimum: using only one or two typefaces or a single colour will keep the design unified. Emphasis can be added by changing the size of the text or by bolding or italicising the font.

Great typography looks closely at two areas: microtypography and macrotypography. Microtypography is concerned with legibility and is essentially the design of the letters and words. Macrotypography, by contrast, is concerned with readability and is the overall look of the paragraph, block of text or page. These are especially important when using typography in website design, as readability and legibility are closely aligned with a great user experience, the main aim of good web design.

Moreover, great typography can influence a user’s emotional and physical responses to a website. By allowing the content of the text to directly shape the typographical design, the designer can create a text-based image that literally draws a picture that sticks in the user’s mind. This can increase the number of people who remember – and return – to a site.

The examples below beautifully illustrate how the best typography can create a lasting impact on the viewer.

Earth Hour

typography in web design 1

Amazee Labs

typography in web design 2

Team Fanny Pack

typography in web design 3

Hull Digital Live

typography in web design 4


typography in web design 5

Ryan Kieser

typography in web design 6

Polar Gold

typography in web design 7

Tic Talk

typography in web design 8

Josh Hemsley

typography in web design 9

XIXI No Banho

typography in web design 10

Find Me By IP

typography in web design 11

DIBI Conference

typography in web design 12

Nike Jumpman

typography in web design 13

Lyudmil Shoshorov

typography in web design 14

Berger & Fohr

typography in web design 15

Planet Propoganda

typography in web design 16


typography in web design 17


typography in web design 18


typography in web design 19


typography in web design 20

Am I Missing Anything?

It is not possible to find out the best websites with great typography from the millions out there. If you have seen any such great website do let us know in the comments section. We would try and include them in the above list.

This is a guest post contributed by Julie Pena. She writes on behalf of www.printerinks.com. Julie is a designer from the UK who enjoys blogging and sharing her knowledge of graphic design. To find out more follow her on Twitter.

Juleit Pena – who has written posts on Artatm – Creative Art Magazine.

8 Responses to “A Showcase of Highly Creative Typography in Web Design”
  1. web design

    Really nice sharing.Typography plays a vital role in web designing.Everybody loves a nice bit of typography.There are many different styles that are used nowadays when it comes to typography in web design.Thanks for sharing such a beautiful collection.

  2. Marco @ Web Mentor

    Absolutely LOVED some of them. Others, didn’t like them so much…lol (like XIXI No Banho). Thanks for the article though.

  3. Stacy Summers

    I like typography so much!
    But there are so many mistakes in typo designs! We should learn to use typo in a smart way!
    By the way, cool collection!

  4. Paul

    Inspirational stuff and you’ve shown some great examples of quality typography. I’m used to it in the print business but not so much on my website. This article has given me the push I need to do something about it. Thanks!

  5. Saher Naseem

    Well I must say really a great selection! Typography in website design must be carefully researched and used in a manner so as to it improves the readability of the website. I’m pretty sure it plays an important part in increasing the bounce ratio too.

  6. Thanks for the Showcase.

  7. Samuel

    Thanks for the list of beautiful examples. Ryan Keiser & Kidd81 have created really fun looking sites that use big colourful typography to draw you in. The use of typography in web design has become really exciting with HTML5 and CSS3 bringing even more possibilities of what can be done with type on the web.

    • Jitu

      The value of a well designed typographical site is often over looked. I really want web designers around to start focusing on typography more now!

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