Tips to Use New Features and Effects of Photoshop CS6

Adobe came up with Creative Suit in 2003, and since then they have been continuously upgrading it. Keeping up with the trend of adding new features of the tool they have come up with Photoshop CS6. The beta version was released in March 2012, and the final version was launched on 23rd April 2012. The Photoshop CS6 seamlessly integrates state-of-art editing and graphic designing capabilities for 3D designs. It delivers an unparallel power combined with tools which can take up image manipulation, designing and compositing and motion basted editing.

The new features and effects of Photoshop CS6 are stuffed with amazing features and have taken image editing to a different level. Every new edition of Photoshop CS has the features which can wow the users. It has got something for everyone. It is not a surprise to see over a million of downloads worldwide since the beta version was released. It is packed with new features and ground breaking innovations and has taken creativity to a new dimension. This has surpassed any public beta in the history of Adobe. So if, you are professional in the domain of photography, designing or artists Photoshop have become the essential of the trade.

Few Tips about the New Features in Photoshop CS6:

Tip 1, Interface:


If you are  a fan of dark interface then you are going to like this since the interface has been redesigned and is set to dark grey, and it helps your image to stand out. If you want to change the color theme then press Shift+ F1 to darken and Shift+ F2 to lighten.

Tip 2, Background Save and Auto Save


a. Now if you have witnessed a Photoshop Crash then you will glad to know about the new feature of Photoshop which is Auto Save. This feature will be saving a backup copy in every 5-60 minutes.

b. Go to Edit > Preferences > File Handling/ Photoshop> Preferences> File Handling.

This is not all saving larger files on Photoshop takes more time, but now this can be done in the background, while you work without interruptions.

Tip 3, Searching for Layers:


A lot of t ime is wasted in pinning down the right layer to edit. But the new Photoshop CS6 the Layer Palette have a new filter menu. So now you can easily sort and fine the layers using different layer properties.

Tip 4, Editing multiple layers simultaneously


Here, you can change blending modes, Opacity. Locating Modes, or apply color labels to many layers at one time. All you have to do is Clt/ Cmd+ J Hot Key to duplicate the layer, and now you can work with multiple layers.

Tip 5, Improved Magic Wand tool

There was a bug in the previous editions of the CS, and that was the reason why many Photoshop user were not able to figure out why their Magic Wand tool was misbehaving. What used to happen was, if you changed the sample size setting in Eyedropper tool, it would simultaneously change for the Magic Wand too and consequently you were not able to change it back with the help of Magic Wand. Thankfully this bug has been fixed.

Tip 6, Advanced Brush tool


If you are a digital painter, then you will fall in love this tool. There are two new brushes a) erodible tip – it will let you draw lines just like crayons and b) air brush tip – It will be better to use airbrush tip with a pen tablet instead of mouse.

Tip 7, Adaptive Wide Angle filter


With the help of this, you can correct distortions. The nicest thing is that it works on the Smart Filter that means you can convert the layer in to a Smart object. This is extremely easy. You need to draw lines on the straight edges and Photoshop will fix the picture automatically. If you are creating a panorama with multiple images, then there is an option which helps you to correct the arches in the panoramas.

Tip 8, Blur Feature


Blur can be applied dynamically across the image. So the midpoint between 100 pixel blur and sharp is 50 pixels blur.

Got anything Else?

Let us know if there are any other lovely features that you know about PS CS6. We would love to hear them out

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