20 Web Design Blogs to Bookmark and Consult Daily

Human being across the time tended to become more and more susceptible and rarely believe in something without a valid proof. This is true also when it’s about websites, even if the history of web design is very short, the changes were frequently and significant. The best evidence is the wayback machine, a website that stored the layouts of other websites across years. It’s pretty enough to see how the most important companies were represented in online environment. Therefore, it’s obvious that the job of a web designer is challenging and supposes to stay updated all the time.

Going back to school to specialize might be a solution but it requires time and money so it’s preferable to opt for another method. There is no breaking news or super secret revealed but the Internet offer, quite probable, the best solution: the web design blogosphere.

The blogs treating the subjects of web design are numerous and, most important, many of them provide very useful information. In conclusion, any web designer interested in his future should check some blogs. The huge number of them could represent a great difficulty in selecting the best ones; in order to help the readers I create here a list of 21 blogs, it is highly recommended to visit and read the latest posts. These are catalogued according to a simple criterion: the majority of the posts. The categories are inspirational blogs, in depth articles and tutorial providers. This breakdown, apparently useless, would prove to be efficient when you will turn into a loyal reader of these. The web design blogs offer a huge volumes of information, it’s more efficient to have these separated depending on your needs.

A. 7 Cool Blogs to Get Inspiration

1. Abduzeedo

Here are exposed tons of amazing works, if you ever don’t have inspiration, an hour here, by checking some rounds-up, will makes miracles.

2. Fuel Your Creativity

fuel your creativity
The name of this blog is self-explicatory and fully deserves its name. Here are posts that present the best works from various domains…from the best logos of the month to bizarre pieces of furniture. Don’t be afraid to visit it in case of a low efficiency.

3. The Design Inspiration

the design inspiration
Perhaps the items exposed here aren’t the best but clearly, here is impossible not to find even the most “exotic” sources of inspiration.

4. DesignBeep

This blog doesn’t offer only inspirational posts but the showcases from here are useful and the items presented are well researched, it’s stimulated the quality and not the quantity.

5. Design Your Way

design your way
If you want to buy or build a nice house then is better to visit this blog, the architecture and interior design categories will help you.

6. Slodive

Slodive is a nice resource and must be in your favourites list of web design blogs.

7. Noupe

Definitely, this blog could be inserted in any of the category from here, it’s mandatory to check it often. Noupe offer stunning collections, good tutorials and very explained articles…should be there anything else?

B. 7 Cool Blogs to Stay Updated with the Latest News

1. Smashing Magazine

smamshing magazine
Undoubtedly, it is the most important web design blog. Here are the latest news, the best bloggers, everything is at the superlative mode so enjoy it. The team behind Smashing Magazine just released some amazing books, it’s not unfair advertising, but these are really helpful.

2. InstantShift

Instant Shift is a great resource because here are published amazing articles from various domains: from freelancing issues to the responsive design principles and none should miss these.

3. SitePoint

This blog follows the same pattern as Smashing Magazine; it doesn’t mean that the posts are stolen…visit it, don’t be afraid!

4. WebDesign Tutsplus

webdesign tutsplus
It is part of Envato network, a very notorious bunch of useful blogs amongst designers. It is maintained by specialists for specialists, anyone will learn by reading the posts of this blog.

5. A List Apart

a list apart
The positive aspect of this website is that the posts are professionally written and contain tons of useful tips. The negative aspect is the lack of consistency; the posts are published rarely, under no clear schedule.

6. Web Designer Depot

webdesigner depot
Web designer depot is an exponential blog in the world of web design and anyone must check it, the palette of subjects is very large and the information is very useful.

7. Freelance Folder

freelance folder
Freelance folder is more targeted to freelancers but considering that there are numerous freelance web designers such a blog is mandatory to consult.

C. 7 Cool Blogs to Learn New Techniques and Best Tutorials

1. PSD Tutsplus

psd tutsplus
It is another blog of the Envato network, but the quality of the tutorials from here obligated me to add the blog in this list. The tutorials are classified, from entry-level techniques to real masterworks that need many hours of fine-tuning.

2. PS Deluxe

The best designers create the tutorials from here, the final works are simply amazing. Much more, these are very well explained therefore anyone may enjoy these and enrich his arsenal.

3. PS Lover

If someone isn’t satisfied with the previous blogs, here is another precious resource that deserve visiting or subscribing to their newsletter.

4. Photoshop Star

photoshop star
It is really a very good blog, there aren’t only tutorials but also articles explaining various commands and effects in Adobe Photoshop and stunning showcases to keep the imagination at the highest level possible.

5. PhotoshopLady

photoshop lady
The tutorials published on Photoshop Lady aren’t the most complicated on the web but the results are fabulous and to complete these isn’t needed a very long period of time.

6. Photoshop Tutorials

photoshop tutorials
If you are a passionate Adobe Photoshop user then here you may gain serious amounts of money by providing high quality tutorials. Check their offer and follow some tutorials, these are very well explained.

7. Tutorial9

Tutorial 9 is a quality amalgam of wonderful tutorials, nice articles presenting tips and showcases to feed the creativity. The articles aren’t posted on the blog, it’s only an aggregator and the readers are welcomed to add their contribution.

Am I Missing Anything Else?

I may have surely missed some other fantastic blogs. Let us know if there are any other blogs in the above 3 categories in the comment section, we would try to include them too into the list

Dino Angelov writes photoshop tutorials for Graphisutra and is constantly looking for free psds for PSDHunter.

Dino Angelov – who has written posts on Artatm – Creative Art Magazine.

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