15 Awesome Street Photos for Commercial Use

From the orange-hued sunset watching over a quiet neighbourhood to the looming skyscrapers at the heart of a busy city, Street Photographers draw inspiration from what people may perceive as nothing more than their usual day-to-day surroundings. Their art is called street photography, and they aim to capture what world-renowned photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson called as that one "decisive moment". Compared to studio shots, street photographers seize the opportunity to take photos of their subjects in the most candid situations. They are one of society’s silent observers. Armed with nothing more than their cameras, discerning eyes and artistic minds, they prowl the streets in search of a photo that would tell a thousand stories with just a single shot.

A woman crossing the street, neon-colored graffiti, cobblestone pavements—these are things that would not make your head turn. However, seen through the lens of a trained eye, the “usual” things become more alive.

Street photos may come in black and white, so as to appreciate the moment even without the element of color. Photographers can also use lens with long focal length, in order to take a shot from afar while casting the background out of focus. They can also use wide-angle lenses, just so they can get nice and close to their subjects.

If not on the photographer’s personal exhibit, you can also see street photography on other commercial uses such as brochure printing, posters, or font designs. Browse through these 15 images and get to see street photography at its best

The Tell of a Street by DuvallGear


Suburban Street by billyunderscorebwa


Day 207 by billyunderscorebwa


Street IV by Nsergiu


The Street by ompatung


The Street by RezzanAtakol


Street IV by alice-anesthetic


Voyage by DennisChunga


Rue De la Trinite by s-l-e-e-p-y-h-e-a-d


Rue Labeda by s-l-e-e-p-y-h-e-a-d


Connection or Direction by ar-cool


Buyuk Camlica II


London – Bus Stop by matmoon


Hungary by Bazsitoo


Antique Store Street by ldinami7e


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  1. Samuel

    This is an impressive collection of street photography; the photographers have managed to capture their image at just the right moment. It’s a great skill to be able to find that perfect shot in what can seem like quite an ordinary setting. It makes me feel inspired to try and find some interesting spots around my local town.

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