Key tips to become professional logo designer

The job of a good designer is to collect all the vague ideas which a client expresses by turning it into a great logo design. It is all about finding out what exactly the client wants, for whom it is being targeted and the feeling of what the image portrays. It may not always be easy but with a lot of effort and persistence, many good designers are able to come up with the perfect logo. However, there are some basic principles to follow when it comes to logo designing, particularly if you are hoping to become a professional. Here are some tips.

Good font and scale in a logo

When it comes to written words in a logo, look for fonts that stand out and creates some emotion in you. You need to connect with the font which plays upon your emotion for a particular design. The use of the right font can really have a great impact on a logo.

For a logo to be truly outstanding, it needs to be kept simple and preferably a single image which will not squish up the theme. By separating the text from the image your logo will be more visible and attractive. The logo should also be of good size and proportion so that it is easier for reproduction.

The right description and association

Your logo needs to have the proper description which can easily enable others to get the message correctly. This does not mean that your logo should convey the exact activity of a particular company or client. It simply means that there should be some association in the way that you use your images or text. For instance, in the case of Twitter logo the imagery used is a bird. Many good logos have symbols which have become associated with particular brands in the market.

Not just about color

Logos are just not about colors but when in use, the same rule applies as in the case of the fonts. Many clients may use their logos in black and white, so you need to design in such as way that the logo looks good even without colors. Once you have a black and white logo which stands out, then you can add the colors that inspire you. The idea is to make a logo look good whether it is in colors or simple black and white.

Make your logo memorable

Keep your logo design on simple lines and image that will stay in the minds of people. The more complicated a logo, the less likely will it stay in people’s memory. If you use a simple, eye catching image it will be more attractive and will stick in people’s mind. Try to avoid following a particular trend as in the case of green logos. People are going in for eco-friendly logos these days but you need to make sure that your logo is more memorable than a passing trend. Therefore, design your logo in such a way that it will outlast any fads that comes and goes.

Finally, always create your logo on vector graphics so that you can re-size it easily for various media. Try to get your logo right at the first instance as changing it often can convey a feeling of unreliability on your part.

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