A Showcase of Negative Space in Logo Design

Logo design can be hard enough as it is even without including clever hidden meanings – so it can be extraordinarily impressive when you find a designer who has the skill to thoughtfully include one. Creating a logo that cleverly uses the negative space to complete the image requires a shift in how you see and visualize the art in your head, and can be remarkably challenging to do successfully.

We’ve brought together a showcase of some creatively designed logos that employ negative space to complete the image – hopefully they’ll inspire you for your next logo design.

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LearnGolf Logo with a Golf Flag

Negative Space Logos

Learngolf’s logo uses the green background to form a partially opened book, while the white space is used to create a golf flag.

Royal Clothes Logo with a Crown

Negative Space Logos

Royal Clothes have a logo that merges two t-shirts to subtly form a crown out of the background.

KeenPlayer Logo with a “K”

Negative Space Logos

Keenplayer’s logo features colourful “play” icons, and arranges them in such a way as to form a K out of the negative space in-between.

Cloak & Dagger Logo with a Dagger

Negative Space Logos

Cloak & Dagger, a cleverly branded recruitment company, have a logo that shows off the cloak, and hides the dagger in the negative space.

A CMS Logo with a Mouse Pointer

Negative Space Logos

The logo above, for an easy-to-use CMS, looks like a simple ribbon at first, but forms a mouse pointer using the negative space. It’s a beautiful example of a logo that can incorporate negative space and remain minimal at the same time.

Banana Bird Logo with a Bird

Negative Space Logos

Banana Bird is one of the quirkier logos, and is also beautifully creative, with the negative space forming a bunch of bananas, while the dot completes the image to reveal a bird.

A-Plan Logo with “A”

Negative Space Logos

WhiteWashers Logo with a “W”

Negative Space Logos

This design, for an outdoor maintenance company named Whitewashers, has the bristles of the paint brushes blend into the background. As an added bonus, the fence also forms a W.

MyShirt Logo with a T-Shirt Icon

Negative Space Logos

MyShirt’s logo reveals a large M as the brand, but also uses the negative space to reveal an icon of a t-shirt.

Three Nuts with a Nut

Negative Space Logos

Three Nuts, an engineering contractor firm, has a huge “3” as the main mark, but closer inspection reveals that the end of a wrench is shown in the background.

Two Knives Logo with Blades of Knives

Negative Space Logos

The logo for Two Knives reveals a figure 2, while the cleverly placed dots inside the number allow the negative space to form the blades of kitchen knives.

BossFight Logo with a Small Person

Negative Space Logos

The logo for Bossfight studios uses the silhouette of a huge monster, but it’s not until you look closer that you notice the smaller figure formed from the negative space, that’s ready to fight it.

Rocket Golf Logo with a Rocket

Negative Space Logos

The logo for Rocket Golf cleverly makes use of two golf tees that are positioned the perfect distance apart to form the shape of a rocket taking off in the background.

Honey Logo with “H”

Negative Space Logos

The Honey logo is an amazing example of a minimalist & clever logo that uses negative space. Not only does the whole image (including the “Honey” text) form the appearance of a honey dipper, but the yellow mark hides a capital H within it, too.

Make Logo with Pencil

Negative Space Logos

This logo changes the colour of the final E and forms a pencil out of the negative space – it’s a subtle and clever addition to a type based logo.

Am I Missing Something>

Have you found any examples of clever logos that use negative space well that deserve a mention? Let us know in the comments.

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Alex Black – who has written posts on Artatm – Creative Art Magazine.

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    Thanks for this very cool and inspirational selection of logos. I really like the design of the learn golf logo, the book and flag work really well together. The banana bird logo is also quite effective, but I fear the banana part of the logo may suffer if it is reproduced in black and white.

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    Excellent logo design. Great resource for building a website.

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