Adapting To The Technical Advances In Photography

Digital photo frames are the new wave of photographic technology but are they for everybody? Some people may or may not be up to the new changes and may prefer to keep a drawer full of pictures that will be someday organized. Others will want a digital frame to show off their latest photos and display them out in the open.

Digital photo frames are a special type of photo frame that can display digital photos without printing or using a computer. These extremely stylish electronic gadgets have become extremely popular nowadays. The frame now also features social network integration, allowing users to comment on pictures received and connect to pictures on Facebook.

There are a lot of older people that did not grow up in this age of computers and have never and never will own a digital camera. It is beyond their scope of reality and the whole thought of digital anything sends their head spinning.

If you’re thinking of getting a digital frame for your grandmother, you’d better find out first how well she can deal with something technical. You may think that getting her a digital frame for her birthday will make her happy, but in fact she may feel intimidated by it. You know that it is only a matter of pushing an on/off button to turn on digital photo frames, but to grandma it is more like an alien object. She can handle that on/off button – you know it and she knows it. The problem is she won’t want to.

Sometimes it is best to stick to good old-fashioned wooden photo frames with a fixed picture. Some people do not embrace change easily and won’t really be happy with a digital frame. There are many others, however, that will absolutely love one.

These types of photo frames are a great way to view your digital pictures. They are a way to get your pictures off of your hard drive and up on display. For years this has been the problem with digital photos since many of them ended up stuck on a computer and only viewed from time to time. Now there are options. These photos can be viewed as a slide show or can be viewed as one photo at a time on a digital frame. You can mix up the look and the feel of the pictures whenever you want.

The age of technology has changed the face of photography and while most welcome these changes it is necessary to respect those who don’t. Buy Uncle Joe and Aunt Betty a digital photo frame for Christmas to go with their new fancy digital camera but buy grandma a plain wooden frame with a lovely picture of the family in it. New technology is not for everybody – yet.

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