Awesome iPhone Apps for Photographers

When the iPhone was first introduced to the market, photographers were stuck with a simple camera with which they could only take pictures. Fortunately, photography on the iPhone has come a long way since the arrival of Apple’s App Store three years ago.

Thanks to the current photo apps available, photography lovers are now able to use their iPhone for both taking and editing pictures while on-the-go. Below is a list of some of the most awesome iPhone apps for photographers.

Instagram – Free

Instagram is referred to as one of the best photography applications available for the iPhone. With its selection of filters, this app can easily transform your photograph by adding edge and flair.

Not only do the filters provide you with interesting ways of altering your pictures, but the program is also extremely simple to use. If you want to share a photo with your friends, all you have to do is snap a picture or pick one from your photo library, apply the filter of your choosing and it is ready to be sent over high speed internet to Flickr, Facebook or Twitter.

Hipstamatic – $1.99

With its stylish interface, Hipstamatic lets you to choose between various types of lenses, film and flashes when taking pictures using your iPhone’s camera. Instead of adding the effects yourself, the app applies the corresponding effects based on the type of lens and film you select.

You can also buy additional kinds of film and lenses. This assortment of options allows you to create a unique look for your photos. If you are into vintage photos, you are sure to love this app.

IncrediBooth – $0.99

With IncrediBooth, you can recreate the experience of taking photo booth pictures. After selecting the filter you wish to use, strike your best pose and hit “click” to take the picture.

Change poses after each flash and soon you’ll have created a photo strip just like the ones from real photo booths. This app utilizes the front-facing camera available on the iPhone 4/4s.

Magic Shutter – $2.99

If you’ve ever tried taking a picture at night with your iPhone, then you’re aware of how useless the iPhone camera can be without the proper lighting. However, by using Magic Shutter for dark images, your phone’s sensor is left on for longer than usual in order to record light.

Using this method, the camera slowly builds up exposure in order to reveal dimmer objects. Because of the way this camera app gathers light, you’re able to capture pictures you couldn’t otherwise take. For avid iPhone photographers, this app is a must-have.

Photoshop Express – Free

Do you have a picture that needs a quick touch-up? With Photoshop Express, you can use simple motions to make quick edits such as cropping pictures, adding contrast or changing exposures.

This is a must-have app for new and old photographers alike. Photoshop Express is part of, which is a resource for editing and storing photos online. By creating a free account, you can use your phone’s high speed internet to upload and save up to 2GB worth of photos online.

Iris Photo Suite – $1.99

This app is meant for the hardcore iPhone photographer. Despite its busy-looking interface, this app is a must-have when it comes to editing pictures. Not only does it allow you to layer different textures and replace colors, but you can also blend images in order to produce double exposures.

Along with its advanced editing options, Iris also allows you to make basic fixes such as adjusting the color temperature, saturation, contrast and brightness of your photos.

Perfect Photo – $0.99

This image-editing app is meant for iPhone photographers who need to make simple alterations to their pictures. Perfect Photo can make basic adjustments such as fixing blemishes and removing redeye. Representing all of your standard editing features, this app offers at least 20 basic editing tools, making it a bargain at only $0.99.

360 Panorama – $0.99

With natural lighting and a steady hand, you’ll be taking panoramic photos in no time using the 360 Panorama app. By simply tapping the screen and panning your device in one direction, this application processes each incoming frame, building a panorama in real-time.

Now you can capture 360 degrees worth of beautiful scenery, along with tagging your panorama’s GPS location. Share these amazing photos with friends through email or by posting them to Facebook or Twitter.

TiltShift – $0.99

TiltShift is considered one of the best apps for photo manipulation. By changing the various parameters of your photos, such as color effects and lens blur, this app lets you create a “toy camera” effect. This app also gives you the option of changing the lights and colors of the picture, giving you the chance to create something unique.

PhotoArtista Oil – $2.99

PhotoArtista Oil is considered one of the most popular apps for converting your photographs into painted looks. Not only are you given seven different styles of painting to choose from, including realism and impressionism, but there are also seven corresponding controls for fine-tuning that will help you perfect your painted image’s look. Besides the oil effect, there are also other effects you can buy in-app.

Am I Missing Something?

There are some fantastic people using some of the most unknown iPhone Apps for photographs which are pretty good. Do let us know if you know of any such App which I might be missing over here. You could also let us know which App is your favorite.

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  1. alex van der kleij

    Photographers are painters with light, so the light must be evaluated.
    You can do this with your iPhone and iZoner.
    Get the correct light metering but also spot, multi spot and contrast distribution.

    Not a substitute for your camera, but a helpful everyday friend.


    The iphone is truely remarkable toying with them inspired me to create marvelous art check it out on any art creatives should check it out btw thanks for the informative post

  3. Swamykant

    I love photo express from Adobe. It has several features. Nice post.

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