The Drupal Community – Information, Support and Importance

Drupal is one of the leading open source Content Management Systems. It has become recognized as the premier enterprise CMS systems. One of reasons it has just a large following, is because of its large community worldwide. If you are considering Drupal for your web design project, this community support is a great reason to choose Drupal.

Since Drupal is such a powerful and flexible framework, it requires some learning to understand these new concepts. Having this community providing support, training and events helps to overcome any hurdles in understanding these concepts. Drupal community information is easily accessible at the community section of the Drupal website.

The Drupal community have embraced the open source movement and has become extremely active. Around the world, events are organized as well as online community forums, chats and blogs. It has become a collaborative experience and support is offered for developers, designers and users. Involvement is encouraged and the community always welcomes new members.

DrupalCon London New York

Drupal events come in a wide variety, from meetups, workshops and training sessions to several day conferences, which usually attract people from afar. Drupal conventions are very popular and DrupalCon is one of the biggest Drupal conferences. The last conference was in London 22 – 26 August 2011. London was a fitting place for DrupalCon because London has some of the most dedicated in the Drupal community. The next DrupalCon conference will be in Denver, in March 2012.

In addition to Drupalcon, other events include Drupal Camp, Drupal in a Day Training and Drupal Meetup. There is an event for all skill levels from those brand new to Drupal to seasoned experts. It may seem intimidating for a newbie to attend an event like this, but it is one of the best ways to make contacts and learn something new.

Drupal’s online communities exist in the form of groups, forums, chats and blogs. Chat IRC is great for connecting to the community through its channels or webchat. Different channels are for different interests, for example e-commerce or if you are looking for paid support. Planet Drupal is a collection of blogs from community members and are valuable sources of community information. The Drupal forum is a great way to see what people are talking about and to ask questions or answer other people’s questions. Marketplace is a comprehensive directory of those who are offering Drupal services.

Drupal Efficiency

There are lots of other ways to find other Drupal enthusiasts. Facebook has many user groups around the world. You can find these by searching for “drupal user group”. You can participate in Facebook discussions and Drupal events are promoted in these groups as well.

Another excellent way to connect to the Drupal community is to follow Drupal experts on Twitter. Many active community members are easy to find on Twitter with a simple search for “drupal”. It is a great way to connect, but it is also a great way to see live updates about Drupal news and instantly access these resources. Since Drupal is so popular, you are likely to find Drupal expert in your city.

Some Really Helpful Drupal Community Sites

There are some fantastic sites that help users in learning and implementing Drupal. They help the users in almost all the aspects of Drupal. Most of the Drupal users who use the site also tend to use the below sites for their use.


These people are Drupal Experts. They write books and articles on Drupal. They publish videos and roll out a ton of podcasts about Drupal and building web sites. They get a huge amount of traffic due to their really helping nature

Drupal Modules

DrupalModules - Drupal Community

Drupal Modules is the largest independent Drupal community on the web. Tens of thousands of developers visit the site every week to find the latest modules, read module reviews, or use the module finder


OpenSourceCMS - Drupal Community

This is a fantastic interactive demo site. OpenSourceCMS lets anyone try Drupal in seconds with a preconfigured installation and an open admin and a main account. You could easily see how Drupal works without having to download and install it at your side. You can easily get a hang of it.


DrupalCenter - Drupal Community

DrupalCenter is the most popular regional Drupal site, and has a very large and active forum.

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