4 Ways to Generate Income using your Blog


There are numerous ways in which one can make money though blogging. Some of them include creating your own blog, developing a blog site for someone and teaching people how to blog. The internet has created endless money making ventures and one can make a good and regular income by doing various online jobs. In blogging, you need to be creative and write original content before posting them. Read what other bloggers have to offer, first read 7 Blogging Tips and then go post your comments where necessary. Here are some tips that will help you make money through blogging.

Teach others about blogging.


If you want to make extra income, you can teach people how to create blogs. Advertise your services online and once you get students, teach them each and every little detail they need to know about blogging. You need to include some of your blogs for them to see how it is done and to prove your skills.

Start your own blog.


You can be able to start your own blog and generate revenue from comments posted on your blog. Try to think outside the box and come up with what readers want to know about. This will make them post their own comments and ideas thus generating more income for you. You also need to be flexible and write different kind s of articles and on different topics. You will get lots of traffic and this will end up giving you more income.

Know what the readers need


You need to come up with creative ideas on what to write about. You can come up with poems, an e-book or personal coaching or training. Try to find out what people want to read about before developing the content. Provide facts and be able to prove them in case some want more explanations. Do not write with the intention of making money, write because you have a purpose and want to inform other people.

Start other new blogs


Once you have had your first blog receiving great reviews, you can focus on creating other blogs. Market them the same way you did with the firs and in no time, you will get more traffic. Keep increasing the number of blogs as the day’s progress. Within a short period, you will be managing different blogs and you will just need to come up with fresh and captivating articles to keep readers glued to your site.

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  1. David

    That’s just basic. There’s a lot more to do for success

  2. Nice tips to follow

  3. Mark WSD

    Starting other blogs with one to each general idea can make much income from Google or any other advertiser, Try to withdraw unique advertisers and not big companies that give random advertise, that way you can make strong relationship that pay much more.

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