How should a web designer use the services of social media?

Social Media

Social media is the hottest topic online, but recently its importance seems to be transcending to real life as well. The great advantage of social media is that it allows people to communicate and exchange ideas at a much faster rate than any other mean, and an image or a video can become very popular almost instantly. Not long ago a very talented poor old man was turned into a star because of a video of him singing posted on YouTube. Justin Bieber, the American musical phenomenon is pretty familiar with this mean of publicity. But can social media be a mean of publicity for anybody? For example, can a web designer use social media in a profitable way?

The answer is absolutely YES! Furthermore whoever will spend time trying to use social media as a mean of promoting themselves will have a lot to gain. Statistics show that social media is the main activity online. So how should a web designer use social media?

1. Having a personal blog in your portfolio


Many people resume social media to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and social media is often mistakenly considered a synonym to social networks .Social media is much more than that:

  • Blogging
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Media Sharing
  • Social Reviews
  • Social Networks
  • Wikis

A personal blog is the most important type of social media that can help a web designer. The truth is that the world is filled with web designers that are all just as good, but the way they promote themselves is what makes the difference. This is why you need to have a blog, because it is a very good way to promote yourself.

First of all, a potential client can be impressed by a good article that underlines the author’s qualities; if you add a good portfolio to this, your success is guaranteed. On the other hand a blog needs new content all the time, it is a never ending work but search engines appreciate fresh information and they rank results by novelty as well. If you are among the first results that means your traffic will be good, the more visits you have the greater are your odds to be viewed by potential clients.

A rare but fatal mistake is for a blog to not offer the possibility to contact the administrator; you can lose a lot of opportunities if you do not take the time to answer every message. How can a client contact a blog’s administrator?

I have found a couple of sites that have implemented means to contact the admin in a successful way:

2. Guestposts


Google has a very simple and efficient algorithm to rank sites: basically, a link from another site is seen as a vote of confidence thus increasing its relevance and giving it a higher rating. In order that a site is more relevant and easier to find a lot of links are required and links from sites covering similar subjects are more relevant.

Guest posts are a very important element in search engine optimization, they are articles written on other blogs, but in the bio (the phrase at the end or beginning of an article that talks about the author) one may provide links to the authors’ portfolio / blog.

Sounds complicated but the principle is simple: a web designer writes an article and publishes it on another blog where they promote their own site. In this way he increases its site search rating and exposure through the article may be beneficial as well.

On the other hand the type of guest posts is important too, publishing a tutorial explaining the correct steps for building a layout is an undeniable proof of the talent of the author. Obviously, a quality customer looks for quality designers.

3. Incessant and regular presence in as many social networks as possible


No matter how great the number of inhabitants of the planet, the world is getting smaller, starting from this premise it’s very good for a designer to have as many connections all over the world. For example, a Twitter account can be very beneficial, no matter how superficial it may seem a lot of people use it in different ways. It’s very possible that a person requiring a redesign of their site to post a message for anyone interested also in the same way a person can search for a web designer. With a Twitter account with an interesting background, with a message that is also interesting and attractive and if the bio contains a link to the portfolio, chances of getting a customer increase significantly.

It is true that chances for such a scenario to happen are slim but continued presence on as many networks of this kind can end with winning a customer.

4. Interdependency of promoting means


Most often very interesting projects that can earn good money are not won by the most talented but by those who promote themselves best. It is true that the most important aspect in choosing a web designer is the quality of previous work but marketing has an increasingly important role. Web designers and freelancers in general should understand that in addition to color theory, typography, grids and logo design to have clients one needs marketing and social media. The latter should not be disparate, they are congruent parts in the promoting of a specialist and his success depends on them.

So the policy adopted regarding social media must be consistent and help promote the designer, using it just because it’s a trend is just a waste of time.
Certainly, here are only the most important ways to use social media for a web designer. In the current situation (and in the future this will become more pronounced) there will be many web designers of high quality but those who will stand out and let themselves be known will be the winners.

I would greatly appreciate any opinion from readers, and any opinion is important both for me and for other potential readers, who in this way can look on this issue through many points of view.

Gagandeep Singh works for landing page Company Invesp and
enjoys writing on increase conversion optimization , landing pages and affiliate marketing.

Gagandeep – who has written posts on Artatm – Creative Art Magazine.

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