Briefix – A Tool to Get Complete and Effective Briefs

As a designer, getting briefs has always been a problem for me. I am sure there are many desingers out there who also might have the same problem. Getting briefs not only waste time and energy but not getting the proper briefs results in very bad and unsatisfactory designs. The client might get irritated at it and you may lose out on something good. Thus, as a designer you not only should have good designing skills but also some serious briefing skills too.

Briefix solves a lot of problem for you in this respect. BrieFix is a new web-based tool that helps designers get complete and effective briefs from their clients. While face to face briefing also involves a lot of emotions and mood swings of the client, Briefix makes the process very straightforward and places the whole process in a very interactive manner in front of the client. The main focus remains on the clients wants and needs.

Briefix involves a very easy way to create compilations. You can easily create brief templates for different types of design projects: logo, website, brochure, packaging, and so on. Choose what questions you want to ask your clients by simply dragging them onto a canvas, easily re-arrange and customize your compilations as you see fit. The features included start with the very basic info about client to the details about the target audience and the positioning of the company.

The brief questions are well structured in a highly visual and interactive interface which make them easy to be answered by your clients. By guiding your clients through the briefing process they can easily offer you the necessary input to start creating the design.

BrieFix generates clean and easy to go through briefs which you can share with your colleagues, download as PDFs or other formats available, and print. We also make it easy for your clients to download and print briefs.

You can see in real time the percentage of the brief’s completion and have useful brief updates at your reach. This way you can monitor how your clients handle the briefing process and intervene when necessary.

Get your BrieFix page customized with your look and feel, insert your own logo and use the application through your own online domain (e.g.

Helping your clients when creating the brief will make your agency have professional written all over it when clients recommend your services. Briefix surely gives a lots of features which could benefit you not only for your current client but also on a long term note. It certainly deserves a try.

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  1. dumazz

    That’s what I was looking for. Soon will check the trial version and see how it works. Thank you.

  2. Nice resource, thanks for sharing.

  3. Gabriela

    Thank you so much Artatm for reviewing BrieFix! We are opened to any suggestions and feedback.

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