55+ Really Funny Photoshop Disasters

Photoshop has been a boon for all the web and graphic designers all around the globe. But, if not given proper attention you could lose a lot. One of the most important aspects of Photoshop is the retouching of photos. Some of the best Photoshop disasters happen when the designers do not pay close attention to the minute details. Being careless and not paying attention to detail can have a big impact on your work as a designer and can potentially ruin your relationships with clients and also potential clients who are considering hiring you for a project.

“Learning from mistakes” has been an old age phrase. The same is with the designers. Learning from your mistakes and other people mistakes can make you a better designer than what you are today.

In this post we are trying to present the best of the worst Photoshop. In this post we are publishing 55+ Really Funny Photoshop Disasters for many designers to learn what not to do when working with photoshop. Hope this post helps you to make better projects for your clients in the future.

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Half a Woman, Half a. . . Hmm

This is a sweet picture of a woman playing with her child. Wait. . . Where’s the lower half of her body? Either that carpet is actually quicksand or someone really sucks at Photoshop.


Holding a hand

He is holding someones hand, but the person is not there just the hand.


What’s missing: A Belly Button

Awful use of photoshop… The belly goes missing.


Completely out of place

Her leg is completely out of place.


What happened to dad?

Do you see the hand on the woman’s shoulder? How dose a person forget to photoshop that out.


A lot of photoshop disasters

The designer really needs to know the basics properly…


Hillary Clinton, Audrey Tomason Go Missing

The two versions of the photos are totally different. Wonder which one is the correct version…


Hand Between the Thighs

This Tony Bowls dress is amazing. It comes with one leg, someone’s random hand, and half an arm!


Way to be classy, Ross

How can someone miss the watermark and the send it for advertisement


No legs!

This certainly isn’t the dress to buy if you would like to show off your legs.


Great Skater

This is a promotion for the Texas Brahmas of the CHL. How did they make it look like he was wearing heels?


Mutant Swim Club

Combination of photography and really awful 3D.


Hello Magazine Spain Jan 2011

On the cover of HOLA (Spain’s version of Hello Magazine). Isabel Preysler’s daughter, Ana (the girl in white) has an extremely long arm, or there is an extra hand holding her waist.


Whose hand is that?

The model’s right hand looks lovely, her left hand, under her head, looks like it belongs to her grandfather! I’m guessing the pillow and disembodied hand were photoshopped into this image.


Five Fingers and a Thumb

A look at her left hand will show you how angelic she really is.


Real Lady, CG Environment

She must be a vampire because she has no shadow.


Reflection mis-Action

Came across this one on www.dreamstime.com. 99.99% there are really great stock images, but this one makes the 0.01% of the bad images!


Derby Elbow

Article on Long Beach Roller Derby features an extra elbow — all the better for blocking, presumably.


Oh Kirsten

Are you turning into a super human being with special abilities?
Think about it. Can your hand be higher than your shoulder if your upper arm is parallel to your body?


Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Compare the two versions of the photo. It would be awesome to find out why the head was changed for the Korean Basic Instinct 2 poster. Problem is they forgot the mirror in the back.



Down the Hill

I’m not sure if you might be better off using physical pictures and some tape.


Lorem Ipsum

Perfect lorem ipsum example.


Michael Phelps

I really don’t understand why they had to do this to celebrity swimmer Michael Phelps. Does his body really have to be any bigger?


Instructions for Creating Better Reflections

Dear Yahoo! Creating reflections can be challenging. When in doubt follow these simple steps:
1) Take a mirror and place it on an even surface.
2) Now take the object and place it on the surface of the mirror – try to create a similar viewing angle.
3) Find and fix discrepancies.


Chop It Off

How can anyone miss out the leg!!!


Old Spice

Their commercials are hilarious…not sure if they did this one on purpose or just got lazy.


Ann Taylor: Hand gone missing

Rumor has it that some of the PS staff that used to work at VS got hired by Ann Taylor.


Coca Cola: “Things” Go Better With Coke

Coca Cola breaks into the mutant horror genre with their poster boy Phil “Snatch” Williams, the plucky lad with the hand growing from his chest.


All Ultra Power: New and Improved

Translation: We all get dirty… And sometimes it may lead to dismemberment!


Tally Weijl: One Leg Too Few

A lovely leg for the role, I’ve nothing against your right leg. The trouble is neither have you. You fall down on your left.


Chanel: Chameleon Woman

A lot of people can look in two directions at once. Its called strabismus – not a PsD just a versatile model.


Last Call: A Few Ideas

I think last call needs to add a few more ideas to their list.


A Leg too Long

A perfect one leg but the other leg shows the dirty side of bad photoshopping


Same Face Different bodies

The models face has been very badly photoshopped with the advertisement. Just too bad!!!


Extra Leg

Where does the extra leg comes from. How can someone miss out such a simple thing?


Extra Hand

We have a hand but the person is missing. Wonder what the designer was thinking.


Headless Ghost Shadow

– Hi, we need your ad in 2 minutes.
– Ok sh*t, but I got an idea! I’ll just merge a few pictures and put some yellow background and it’s perfect…


Blond and Blonder

Just too bad… This cover has got hell lot of errors


The A Team

Hey, there Quinton! Mind keeping your distance?


Where are you?

Where are you Reggie? Something’s telling me you’re not there!



Lost a pair of jeans. The image is the DVD cover for the Italian movie La Prima Linea.


Silvio Berlusconi

Who would’ve thought that Photoshop can be used to improve the political popularity of a politician.


All Blacks

Here you can see the New Zealand All Blacks perform the traditional haka dance before a rugby match. I wonder who tried to make the team more or less multicultural.


Paypal Earthworm Arms

Fail on the main page of PayPal.com I wish I could get my arm fixed.


The Resort Collection

Poor little Elsa had her arm chopped off during the photo shoot!


Time Magazine

Down. A bit more. No, more! Almost there. The shadow of the flag is just too bad.


One to many hands

The woman has three beautiful hands!!!


One young leg one old

Looks like they for got to photoshop her other leg.


Lost Leg

Along with the weight, the girl also lost her leg!!!


Reflections 101

I understand reflections are difficult to manage sometimes, but how can you flip the reflection?


Uncanny Valley Girl

Maybe an alien has come to our planet and is now modelling ladies fashion. Or perhaps her human legs have just been very badly photoshopped. Check out the comparison between her and her shadow.


Imagine Babies

Sometimes it is just not worth it to pay to remove the watermarks.


Samsung Galaxy Tab

It’s so much more than just an ordinary tablet with camera, missing out the girl in pink.


Missing Something?

Look at the woman on the left do you notice something missing? Her right leg has been photoshoped out.


Another Missing Leg

Nothing to say about this!!!


Yet another Missing Leg

A series of mistakes!!!


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  1. ,ldsa

    soo bad pic and ugly

  2. Dark messenger

    none of these images are made From a Real Gradruate designer like me, this is pirate photoshop users stealing the work of the real profesionals

  3. Tony Geotog

    Really funy examples, either bad photoshop skills or the creators had a sense of humour. I actually think the holding hand pic is quite poignant.

  4. designi1

    entertaining post m8. Some of them are pretty forced and some position can be made… but in overall they ´re real badly photoshoped 😀 ahhaah

  5. Scott

    Photoshop didnt exist when Mr Mom was made. The woman is leaning into the bathroom. Its obvious that you are bias, most of these images are fine except for the really obvious ones. You jelly?

  6. Moe@ Leaflet Distribution

    Some really good exampels of below par work. Its really funny how some bug brands have allowed some of these picture published.

    You have a good eye for these things as I would not have spotted 80% of them lol.

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