40 Creative and Beautiful Package Designs

Package design and development are often thought of as an integral part of the product development process. Package design starts with the identification of all the requirements: structural design, marketing, shelf life, quality and the real purpose of the product. For designing the package needs thinking inside, outside and all around the box. The primary goal of Package Designing is the to attract the consumers attention. Thus, today such designs could not stop only by informing the customers, but it needs to build up a feeling of buying the product and communicate the essential features that would benefit the customer. An effective and creative package design would always look great on the shelf and also make the customers curious to get to know more about the product. The package design is really the first impression of the product in the customers mind. The package design distinguishes your product from the hundreds of other companies that produce the same product.

In this post we are publishing 40 Creative and Beautiful Package Designs for your inspiration. I hope some of these inspire you to create a beautiful masterpiece yourself.

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A very detailed and specific design to let you understand what the product is all about.

bobble - product  packaging


The package design is highly graphical and the identity is based on symbology, pattern and color associated with each recipe’s origin.

Pot of - Package design


A very un-pepsi design but very detailed packaging. The use of almost delft blue makes it very pleasing to the eyes


Sparkling Wine

Clean and Elegant!!! The typography used makes it worth giving a try. Fantastic use of texture on the bottle too.


Porto Novo Coffee Package

Beautiful use of illustrations


DNN(Drink No Name) Lemonade

The positioning of the modern designs and the asian elements make the design look really awesome.


Missile – Energy Drink Identity

The synergy between the logomark and the visula language makes the package design really powerful


Trillium Absinthe

The botanicals used to make the absinthe are represented on the outside of the bottle in the label design. The layers of the design echo the complexity of the absinthe within.


Toys R Us

The use of giraffe along with the colors make the package design really fresh.


Weatherbey’s Fine Tobacco

Want to give a luxurious look to your package design? Weatherbey’s design should really help you


Laken bottles

The illustrations done really very complicated but still the design looks sleek


Furry Utopia

Great combination of the name and the package designing.


Effen Vodka

Great example of a clean design


Fragrance Design

The illustrations always play a very important part in package designing



Very Detailed design. Each layer of design has some meaning relating to Malibu



Doritos Packaging Concept

Great combination of color, shape and the product itself, getting rid of the floppy chips bag.


DJeep Lighter

Illustrations and typography can really change the way a person looks at the product



The design shows a Japanese Zen doll known as a Daruma doll representing curious limbless, traditionally red-cloaked figure


Sake Bottle

A very clean and minimilastic design. The aesthetics are very Japanese


Equal Exchange Packaging

Beautiful use of typeface and color


Quick Fruit packaging concept

The cover design has been really carefully thought. It resembles the core of the fruit that would be visible if the fruit is cut in half.


Berkel’s Coffee Pack

The vintage look to the package and coffee like color gives a very beautiful look to the design.


Raisin Blanc

An old school traditional design


12 Inches Branding and Packaging

Fantasting design idea by using a printed packing tape which works well as a bottle label


Alternativa Packaging

The bursts of colors give the coffee design a very different dimension. The coffee beans have been blended fantastically into the design


Entry Identity

The way the logo has been represented on the packing makes the design look very sleek


Caffeol Coffee

Very much a monochromatic style design. The design represents the earthiness of the coffee within the package


Coffee Nova

A very sleek and black/gray gives this a very different look.


Karmoy Gravlaks

White and Black design across all the platforms with very sleek designing on the package.



Fantastic way to represent the Triple L of the Lager


Metrio Coffee Visual Identity

The combination of the name, the traditional themes and selected colours (brown, coffee, silver, blue, gold) compliment the overall design and gives the brand the classical, fresh and simple perspective it requires to make its mark.


Breakfast Aid

The design makes the product to be really wanted by consumers. First Aid is a collection of supplies and equipment for use when in urgency. In the same way the design of this product compliments the purpose of the product.


Weil For Tea

A very visual way of striking the consumers mind.


SanCor Sublime

The design really compliments the name of the brand that is “Sublime”


Cuervo AZT

The design gives a very traditional and a very detailed view if the product.


Bigelow Tea

Superb use of typography and color makes the design loo beautiful



Great use of illustration and a very detailed design


+359 Wine Range

The real purpose of the design was that everyone should not only see the label as an image, but to feel it and sense it with their fingers.


Urban Influence Holiday Promo

The typography and the desing on the wooden box makes this a very interesting packaging.


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