The Uniqueness Of Your Website Counts

There may be millions of websites on the internet, but creativity knows no boundaries. New ideas, styles and texts are produced each day, unique from the rest. To the website creator, unique content is one of the best money-making tools. The benefits of having a website with unique content stretch beyond the creative appeal that visitors will see. This article will explain just how important this concept is.

Plagiarism and Quotation Conflicts

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This is one of the biggest issues that could be faced. There are many sites on the internet that are wiki-based, meaning they allow people to edit the page information freely. Many people also copy this content and use it as an informational base, assuming the practice is acceptable, thinking the work is not the legal property of anyone. It is the property of the site domain, though. In addition to this, responsible journalism involves using reliable well-established sources that are verifiable. Quoting is a necessity. Keep in mind that whether quoted or coincidental, the web content text should not exceed 30% in a duplicate content checker, such as Copyscape. If the content comes back over 30%, it should be rewritten manually to avoid any potential conflicts.

Authority Establishment

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Even if using quotes, assuming they are from well-established resources, it is still possible to create an authoritative site. Written content should draw the reader’s attention in the first few sentences they will see. If it is a subject they have likely been researching, they’re going to want to read something different, so it is important to have content that is written differently than other sites. This idea applies to graphic content as well. If they see content similar or identical to another site, this will make them wonder who really created it, immediately breaking their trust without them being consciously aware of it. Sometimes this could mean taking a more personal or friendly tone and presenting the content as a conversation, while in other instances, it may involve making it more formal. Researching other sites to be sure the site is different is the key for creating unique content. Whether friendly or formal, always incorporate an authoritative tone. When content is authoritative and unique, the reader will perceive it as “the” resource of choice – and likely recommend the site to friends.

Search Engine Considerations

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If the last two reasons weren’t attractive enough to create incentive to use unique content, this reason should close the gap. When people use a search engine to find what they are looking for, sites that have been created with search engine optimization, or SEO, techniques will rank higher and appear on the first few pages of a search. The two most popular engines today are Google and Bing, both of which use SEO methods for filtering results. When content is similar or identical to other pieces written, even if it is search engine optimized, it will rank very low. Unique content that has less than 3% similar content to other sites will rank very high. For those who use the AdSense program to draw traffic and revenue to their site, this should be an especially important consideration. The Google AdSense program is much more profitable to use on pages with unique content, as they will rank higher in search engines and people will be more likely to click the link. So, when considering pasting quotes and correctly acknowledging them, be certain it is absolutely necessary. If not, rephrase the quote and still refer to the site or person who originated the idea. This will ensure that there is much less duplicate content, allowing the page to rank as high as possible.

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  1. Yes, it’s really true and proven that the uniqueness and the originality of your blog content really counts. If it has solid facts and support, your blog post will certainly end up in the front liners of a search engine. So you really have to do your blogs seriously and give it your best shot. I’ve learned a lot from your post!!!

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    You point out some good reasons there. Thanks for sharing!

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    Yes Ciara, I totally admired with all aspects specially to Plagiarism and Quotation Conflicts.

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