How the blog of the near future will look like

Nowadays a blog is a normal presence on the v-world that nobody can ignore, but inspite of the fact that lots of people ignore the small requirements of the administrator or the blogger such as retweet the posts, share the opinions in a comment, like on Facebook or distribute in any social network. I truly believe that it is very unfair to treat these guys with disrespect, they provide you proper information and many times they aren’t receiving something back.

Yes, totally agreed, I am a blogger and my subjectivity is great but the bloggers are the unknown heroes of our days. Be honest with yourself and imagine a world with no blogs where you can find out the tips you need, how much time you will waste searching for these; statistics don’t get a similar result of the average time spend online on various blogs but different results reveal us tremendous facts.

The job of a good blogger doesn’t consist only in writing posts, editing and in the morning approving some comments, he should study the trends, the hot topics and of course how to make the posts more enjoyable and understandable for all the readers. Metaphorically speaking, a post is only the top of the iceberg; the undersea part is the documentation and the never ending process of improvement.

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On the other hand, the richest men on the planet got to this point due to their long term vision, they understood the requirements of the future, and it is easy for everyone to deduce that having a long term vision is very important in any activity. Thinking this way a good blogger should be able to imagine how a blog will look in the near future or what the best topics will be. Here I propose an own scenario, based on the imagination and maybe nothing could happen from it or 100% of this writing could turn into reality.

The general novelties

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First of all, I imagine a more user friendly platform for blogging. The present platforms are pretty good, but the companies involved in this domain try continuously to develop everything more easily to use. A basic set of skills regarding the use of a computer is enough for everyone who wants to have a blog, but there are still some aspects which could undergo good improvements. I imagine, further than 2014 that a normal blogger, who detains a small blog, let’s suppose about pets, will arrange the main design of it by hand on a huge touch screen monitor (it supposes also the advances of the technologies). Anyway, with a simple drag and drop an entire menu can be moved from here to there.

The number of blogs is increasing and I don’t see why it will drop in the future (in the worst scenario, maybe the ratio of increasing will be smaller); due to this fact all the domains of activity will become fully covered and anyone will find the information searched more easily. This fact is a real challenge for the search engines which need to crawl and add up all the blogs and all the posts.

Social media is another important online entity which seems to be a good “friend” of the blogs. Nowadays we are seeing that all the blogs are distributed with the help of social media and the process of implementation of these networks on the blogs is fully developed. I predict that in 2014 or later many of us will alternate the help of the search engine with the social media, which sometimes reveals proper source of information than these, but don’t worry Google will have the same position and fame.

The hot topics

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It is a very complex problem and if someone has the answers of this problem with no doubt he will be very rich. It is very important not only the subjects, but to the same extent it matters the manner of how to present any post. I believe that in 2014 there won’t be free niches; the success of a blog will consist in the manner of advertising and marketing.

To improve the traffic, the blogs of 2014 will be more receptive to the demands of the readers and a strong dialogue will turn into a main task for all the bloggers. For any blogger who writes about development and design an eternal source of getting traffic is HTML5 and CSS3, definitely for the next years the users of Internet will be interested in these.

The quality of the blogs and posts

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I am a very optimistic person but I don’t see any major increase of the quality of the blogs. The number of blogs and bloggers is increasing, also the frequency of posting; how can one maintain a very high standard in this case? It is impossible, and therefore the quality will suffer. Nobody should be sad now because surely we will find in 2014 amazing blogs with precious and high quality posts.

How to be successfully in 2014

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As I said previously, almost all the subjects are covered and it is very hard for everyone to find a public target. I saw as a solution to this opulent situation is to launch blogs which are deeply targeted; few years ago it was a good idea to have a blog about pets but launching one similar nowadays isn’t a sure affair. Today and in the near future the bright idea is to launch a blog with clear specificity topic as dog’s food, “bad dogs” behavior, funny cats and so on.

It is interesting that my last conclusion seems to be a prediction of Nostradamus but I believe that I am totally right: “the categories of today’s blogs will became the topics of the future blogs”.

I feel the need of repeating and emphasizing that this post is fictional and it is based on the humble opinion (which is also based on own experience) of the author. It will be a great reward of my work to know your opinions about my post but of the same importance is to find what you believe that the blog of the future will look like.

Daniel Pintilie is working for, a Dubai based web design company that provides web design solution in Kuwait, Bahrain, Sharjah and Middle East. I really love logos that say “simple is better”, but in the same time I want to emphasize in my posts that only hard work is the key of success.

Daniel Pintilie – who has written posts on Artatm – Creative Art Magazine.

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  1. Andy

    I think that in the near future, blogs would inherit a slight change in their layout. They will be a little more interactive.

  2. Daniel Drob

    nice ideas and a pleasant lecture!

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    Interesting post.

  4. Femi L

    Good article. Blogging has become part of a 360 degree mass media landscape. it’s here to stay and will continue to break down barriers of traditional publishing.

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    I like your pictures, amazing post.

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    Very cool stuff and nice pictures.

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