7 Interesting Photoshop Tips and Tricks

Photoshop is a special gadget that you can use to edit images and pictures. You can apply special techniques in order to construct or design an illusion. You can certainly use this accessory to correct or manipulate images to fit into what you want. Most of the Photoshop falls under two versions, either digital or analog. The digital Photoshop operates with other digital cameras, which are then loaded into the computer for editing. Once you have done that, you can then manipulate these images, pictures and other special features by editing techniques. Photoshop operates with special software to manipulate images and not just altering the pictures.

In this post I am listing down 7 Interesting Photoshop Tips and Tricks for our readers. Please comment if you know of any other tips of tricks.

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1. Cutting & Painting

The first trick is about cutting and painting. This software allows you to cut images and paint around it. You can create a special feature through manipulating images. The Photoshop software has special paintbrush applications to help you design what the type of images you want. You can create something for yourself that looks elegant and classic.

2. Technical Retouching Tool

The second trick associated with Photoshop is the use of technical retouching tool. You can use the technical retouch to enhance and restore pictures and images. Through technical, you can certainly make changes to the colors and contrasts and as well as white balance.

3. Image Retouch / Image Compositing

The third trick used is the image retouch which you can use to create images mainly advertisement purposes. It operates through the image compositing system. This simple technical system uses the 3 D elements to add extra elements to the photo or image. Image compositing is used mainly in conventional photography.

4. Pixelate Function

The fourth trick uses the pixelate function to filter through images and playing with them around. This function designed to help you make changes to the pictures by incorporating different styles. It allows you to copy and paste, on various parts of the body. Through this function you can also incorporate variety of artistic styles such as color halftone, mezzotint, crystallize and pointillize.

5. Blur Function

The fifth trick is the use of blur function. This function helps you to take photos are close range and make changes to the face, by using blemish tools. You can modify the faces by taking away scars, acne any other defects on the face. In actual sense, it takes away any worries and blemishes.

6. Layer Removal Technique

The sixth trick used is the layer removal techniques. The Photoshop allows you to apply various layers to the skins or face and even the clothes worn. Basically, this tool will help you to change different layers of the clothes and tailor made to a particular environment. For example when it us summer you want to take out heavy clothes, and then it is winter, you take add heavy clothes to the light clothes. This tool is particularly important in taking sporting events. It allows you to change different scenarios and scenes in the pictures of different players and manipulate the environment. Largely, it allows you to add the fashion or take away some aspects of the clothing to connect with the scenes and environment.

7. Fill Opacity Tool

The seventh trick is associated with the fill opacity tool. This particular tool will allow you to change the effects of the layer and fill the different gaps that are seen in the pictures. For example, you have taken a picture in garden, but you want to include other features, this tool will allow you to do. In addition, to that it will include other features and images to change the scenarios.

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