15 Gorgeous Minimalist Architect Websites

Architects know how to craft spatial environments, but can they create a website that is equally as effective? Here are fifteen examples of gorgeous minimalist architect websites that show the effective transfer of the aesthetic eye from three dimensional architecture to the two dimensional internet.

1. Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

The Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners homepage showcases a rotating digital portfolio of striking images, capturing how their designs fit into the surrounding environment. The minimal use of an eye-catching electric green highlight color adds a youthful pop to the otherwise gray and white web page template.

2. Keppie Design

Another rotating portfolio with subtle Flash graphics:


3. S / U / M

Studio Under Manufacture’s business website divides its content into distinct sections which highlight not only architecture, but close-ups on design elements, fabrication techniques, and current showings. The easy box layout is complemented by a scrolling bar of projects at the top of the screen.


For an utterly dramatic effect, Ellis Miller floods the web page background with a single full-screen image. A bold typeface for their brand and contrast between light and dark are two techniques used to create a website with a dramatic effect.

5. Arhitektura Krusec

Arhitektura Krusec makes their projects the number one attraction. Their homepage showcases a real portfolio website, with the front page dedicated immediately to their project list. No need to navigate off the main page to view the firm’s work – it’s all here for you. A simple typeface and color scheme, as well as a predominance of the white web page background color , keeps the look minimal even when a large amount of information is displayed.

6. Bjarke Ingels Group

Different approach to the same idea: the Bjarke Ingels website’s abstract tile-like graph design organizes work by year.

7. The Steven Holl

The Steven Holl Architects web page shows another variation on the full-screen flood of a single image. Here, however, they’ve added an inventive overlay – a barely there graph of sections that must be rolled over for the full effect to be highlighted. With so many sections to browse, from news to books to museums to watercolors, the website has found a subtle way to include information, yet keep the focus on the work itself.

8. BDP

BDP offers another example of the web page design templates that feature rotating full-screen images. Photographs of their projects, illustrations of upcoming work, and spaces inhabited by people slowly dissolve one to the next. The simple layout provides balance, with the firm’s logo and slogan prominently displayed, clear tabs, a search box, and a news flash at the bottom of the screen.

9. Foster and Partners

A similar look:

10. Olson Kundig Architects

Great architecture is as much about the small details as it is about the big impact. Olson Kundig has chosen to create a website whose homepage showcases up close and personal images of their work. The message conveyed is one of quality and substance – a sense that the firm leaves no facet of the design process unattended.

11. Konior Studio’s

Konior Studio’s minimal Flash website makes generous use of its white space and sticks to black and white images. The simplicity makes for straightforward navigation and a no-frills presentation of their work, resulting in a website that speaks to the virtues of both confidence and restraint.

12. Calatrava

World renowned architect Santiago Calatrava’s website also opens with an extremely pared-down homepage.

13. Arkitektfirmaet

Architectural elements become the web page background images on C.F. Moller’s website. The faded effect, created by a grid-like grey overlay, simplifies the look. Tabs at the top of the page are in Dutch while tabs on the grid appear in English, providing stylish and easy access for their two language majorities.

14. Josue Altamirano

This website uses Flash templates to create dynamism, then balances this by leaving the visuals sparse. The homepage features brisk movement between images, which are virtual renderings of the architect’s work. Clear tabs and a tiled portfolio page create functionality and ease of navigation.

15. RTKL

A final pick with more sparse visuals and a rotating portfolio on the homepage:

Emily Fox is a contributing writer for Artatm, also works for website builder Wix.com – a free web platform that lets people create quality Flash websites without having to use code.

Emily Fox – who has written posts on Artatm – Creative Art Magazine.

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  1. Nic Granleese

    Hi there. We started a new project over here in Melbourne called Websites for Architects which might be of interest to anyone reading this post. It’s a bit of a brain dump, so lots of spelling errors and so forth, but it’s starting to become a pretty good resource for any architects wanting to build their own site. More editors always welcome! http://websitesforarchitects.org/

  2. Mehboob Talukdar

    nice collection ….

  3. Jorge Maiden

    Good! other architect website:

  4. Emily

    @DJ – I’m happy that you took such a deep look at the showcase, and I am sorry you didn’t find the sites helpful on a professional level. This article really focused on the minimalist design trend, to provide aesthetic inspiration.

    Perhaps we can produce a showcase of “Most User-Friendly Architecture Websites” in the future 🙂 Feel free to send us recommendations!

  5. Gitesh Zarkar

    Lovely websites!!!! I myself tried to make a website similar to The Steven Holl

  6. DJ

    I must say as a huge fan of architecture, none of these sites did anything in terms of having anything inspiring for me. Most were completely unusable, hard to navigate, the fonts were terribly small and all had very narrow designs.

    Maybe this is how they design sites in Europe, but I was very disappointed with the majority of this sites. Minimal? Yes, but done very poorly.

  7. Curtj

    Ben Kelly worth a mention here I think.


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