Awesome and Inspiring Digital Artworks from Drfranken

Artist, Fran Rodrìguez Learte, “drfranken” is a talented illustrator and graphic designer from Madrid, Spain. Some of his best art works are made with unusual and interesting technique, combining a lot of small elements in the painting for quite an impressive composition. He is apart of team nastPlas which specializes in using 3D, airbrush, vectors and photography for their designs. For many years he experimented with different techniques and mediums. Now he concentrates on digital art and his work as a computer programmer in electrical engineering.

With a strong style that mixes colors, shapes and awesome lines. Below we present some of his awesome works for your Inspiration, which could help you during your next project.

A total football nerd, he loves designing to the core and also likes to get his hands on some programming. He is the Co-Founder of ArtAtm. He hails from India. You may want to Follow Him On Twitter

Jitu – who has written posts on Artatm – Creative Art Magazine.

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    this graphics are all impressive and wonderful.

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    All graphics are impressive. wonderful thinking & creation.

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    Great artwork 🙂

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    nice work. amazing stuff!

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