25 Killer Websites To Find Code Snippets Easily

“Time is Money” is what everyone today knows. But in this race against time we actually do not understand where to save time. When we talk regarding the web developers, they always tend to invest their precious time in very small little codes that they must have written 4-5 projects ago. They start searching for those two lines of code, which might take a lot of time of theirs. Code Snippet is a small region of re-usable code that are developed in specific modules in order to facilitate smooth integration in to programming. Today there are a lot of sites which help you save your own code snippets at a particular place and make it public or private. And also on the other hand you get a lot of code snippets from other people relating to your field, which you can make use of.

In this post we are publishing 25 Killer Websites To Find Code Snippets Easily for you to develop a great sites in your near future.

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Home to some of the most awesome snippets, CSS Tricks has been providing snippets on CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, WordPress. CSS Tricks is known all over for the awesomeness of the wide variety of knowledge it provides. It provides not only creativity but also usability. The way the website CSS-TRICKS.com has been built shows how experienced and proficent the author is.



DevSnippets serves as public gallery where readers can submit the best code and design snippets, tutorials and latest trends in the design blogosphere. It categorizes the huge amount of code snippets available on the web into neat and easy to navigate pages.


Google Code Search

Google Code Search helps you find function definitions and sample code by giving you one place to search publicly accessible source code hosted on the Internet. With Google Code Search, you can:

  • Use regular expressions to search more precisely
  • Restrict your search by language, license or filename
  • View the source file with links back to the entire package and the webpage where it came from


Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is collaboratively built and maintained by your fellow programmers. Stack Overflow is a programming Q & A site that’s free. The only unusual thing Stack Overflow does is synthesize aspects of Wikis, Blogs, Forums, and Digg/Reddit in a way that they think is original.


Code Snippets

This is a code snippet repository with a huge difference: If you don’t want to share, you can still upload it and keep it private where as other sites subject all snippet uploaded as public domain.



Symfony Project aims to speed up the creation and maintenance of web applications, and to replace the repetitive coding tasks by power, control and pleasure. The way they have ditributed the snippets makes it very easy to search for any code that you want.


Byte My Code

byteMyCode is a project designed to make the task of sharing source code easier. byteMyCode has modeled a community around making it easy to find, share, revise, comment on, and rate code snippets. byteMyCode serves as a good organizational tool for those little code snippets that you never know when you will need. It also comes in handy when you need to send a code snippet to a friend or coworker, but don’t have the means to do so.


Code Sucks

Code Sucks is a website providing some very useful snippets relating to the basics of CSS and Javascript. These could be very handy for the starters.



Smipple is a social service for saving, storing, organizing, and sharing snippets of code with your friends and coworkers. It also supports features like freinds. Instead of just saying how good you are, here you can actually improve your coding by competing with your friends. And like Smipple says “ Earn Bragging Rights!”



Well, one of the largest snippet storage sites with over 5000 users involved with the website. All Snippets uploaded are public source code. It is easy to tag and share with the whole community using DZone.



Koders.com, a Black Duck Software Company, is a free on-line search engine for open source software and other web-downloadable code. Over 30,000 developers each day rely on Koders to search over 1 billion lines of code written in over 30 languages and identified with 28 software licenses. Developers can use this free resource to quickly find the best reusable open source code, methods, examples, algorithms and more, enabling them to be more successful with open source and complete projects faster.



Dream.In.Code (DIC for short) is a leading online community for programmers and web developers. There are currently 449,194 registered members. Over 400 new members register each day. Members have free access to thousands of programming tutorials, code snippets, forum topics, and more! Over the past 8 years, Dream.In.Code has gained a reputation for providing expert help for students and professionals in a friendly and timely manner.



PHP Code Snippets provide wide variety of code snippets in PHP. Right from login and user registrations to very complex JPG to ASCII converter and lots more. For any kind of snippet in PHP this site could be very useful.



A steadily growing collection of handy PHP code snippets that you should find useful.



This is a Source Code Snippet Library. The purpose of this archive is to let you share your code snippets, scripts, and functions with the Open Source Software Community. You can create a “new snippet”, then post additional versions of that snippet quickly and easily. 7452 users have set up public profiles on PHPBuilder.



CodePlex is open source project hosting by the Microsoft. It is well organised and provides statistics with code snippets. You can also start a project and get help from the community at CodePlex.



Refactory is a peer-reviewed code snippets that anyone can edit. It is a wiki for useful code snippets.



GitHub is a more sophisticated website, nonetheless fast and efficient. Its distributed version control system is best suited for collaborative software development. In GitHub argot, these projects are reffered to as fork projects.As soon as you register, you can start your own fork project; but these projects under GitHub are public, open source projects. GitHub also supports projects by prerolled post commit hooks (IRC, Jabber, Email, Trac, Campfire, etc.) apart from the indigenous web hook system. Every database is supported by SSH for pushing and pulling functions. Private repositories enjoy full SSL support on the web side, as well.



With Snipplr you can keep all of your frequently used code snippets in one place that’s accessible from any computer. You can share your code with other visitors and use what they post, too. Snipplr is a CSS (and a whole lot of other programming languages) repository with an extended support in including code snippets in to their websites. It provides plugins for different conditions. Snipplr has an extensive database of snippets and allows user to upload, store and organise.



CodeCodex is a free wiki for codes. Here you can get involved with the code too. You can improve the code and Codecodex will take it in to its repository.



Cocodenut is easy to navigate, great searchability, and easy to find what you are looking for. It provides a complete collection of code snippets



PHP Snippets is a newly created blog with a rather simple goal: Publishing useful PHP code snippets on a daily basis. The blog is maintained by Jean-Baptiste Jung, author of Cats Who Code and WPRecipes



A simple tool to save and share code snippets on the web.



Snipt is the long term memory for coders! A jargon in the programming field in the sense that programmers manipulate memories through their codes. Snipt is a excellent database for CSS codes. The organisation is simple and complete with tags. You will never get entangled in between codes.



Codesnipp.it is a social sharing site made just for developers by developers. Codesnipp.its are pieces of code, plugins, or anything developer related you’d love to share. These may be simple one to two line pieces of code you have trouble remembering, or something you’ve written completely from scratch.


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  1. Mark Goys

    Thank you.
    I’d add to the list snip2code which has nice plugins for Visual Studio 2012 and Eclipse too.
    Very easy to use but effective.

  2. jimmy

    You can also check http://www.ireusable.com, which allows you to upload your own code snippets or easily search other users snippets.

  3. Ananya

    You can also find very good Javascript Code Snippets and PHP Code Snippets in Hcripts.com.

  4. Keir Davis

    When you find the perfect snippet, store it securely with Code Barrel. It’s cloud-based, private, and free.

  5. designi1

    Really nice post. i would just add the Codex from wordpress size many webdesigners develop many websites through the wordpress cms.

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