Create Fantastic Free Flash Websites using WIX

Own a business and want to take it online?? Need a flash website for showcasing your portfolio or products?? Don’t want to spend much money on your website, but need to have a search engine friendly flash website?? Do not have any idea on how to build a flash website, but still want to build it in a very efficient manner??

To answer all your above questions, you will have a very simple answer and that is WIX. It is a free website builder. WIX is an online free Flash creation platform with all the features that you would require in your website for FREE. Yes, you read it right. Building a flash website with all the features for free. They always believe in “FREEMIUM”. It is a great tool for small business owners, newbies, designers and for the ones who want to try something new, with their creative minds.


WIX believes in simplicity. For using WIX you only need to register. Well, here’s the best part you just need to provide your email ID, username and password. They do not even let us do the hassling of confirming it with your email. After providing the three entries, you are redirected to the main page to create or explore.


As soon as you click on create you get to a plethora of templates, be it for portfolio, for displaying products, for your client. The templates vary from Fashion templates to Photography to artist templates to Business templates to ECommerce templates. You also get a section to create widgets.

Moving Ahead to the actual building of Flash Website

After selecting a theme, when you click on edit, the heart of WIX is kept in front of you, that is the editor. The heart of WIX is an intuitive drag and drop editor with which the users can build their sites quickly and easily. With this you are in for a treat. The WIX interface is such that you would not even need to think twice in building anything in flash. You can add your own text, images, links, music, etc..
You could also customize the color and font of the site. You also have a lot of other settings to change the objects. You could change the menu, buttons too.

WIX editor provides a great feature of uploading videos from youtube or your own computer. WIX also provide you to buy images from Fotolia’s stock archives. It provides features to go through the music players, flash animations, etc..

Best part of WIX

As a business owner you always look for profit. When your business goes online even then you think of earning profits. The main way getting profit from your website is to get visitors on your website and provide them with the utmost information. For getting visitors to your website your website needs to very efficient in search engines. This is where WIX scores the maximum marks. Traditionally, flash websites have never been search engine friendly. But, WIX has revolutionized this aspect of flash and the websites built by WIX are search engine friendly. The programmers at Wix have built their free website builder in such a way that each website has an xml file, that mirrors the Flash code but in HTML. This HTML code is then fed directly to search engines.

Features of WIX in short

  • RSS feeds
  • Flash templates and static templates
  • Media players
  • Comment functionalities
  • Contact forms
  • Google maps
  • Shopping carts
  • PayPal integration
  • Various photo display options including albums, slideshows, rotating carousel display and others
  • Video integration from YouTube and Metacafe
  • Clip Art, animations and icon libraries

Sites built with WIX

If you are still reading this then you must be really interested in WIX, then why not start using WIX

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