76 Amazing Examples of Bokeh Photography

By now many of you must have heard the term “Bokeh”. If not than it is nothing but the blurred effect of light in a photograph. Basically in Bokeh photography there are mainly two areas one is the object area which is in focus and the other is the outer area which is out of focus. Blurring the out of focus area of light is the Bokeh effect.

Many a times we hear terms like Good and Bad Bokeh. Good Bokeh means something that adds value to the photograph and a bad bokeh means an effect which creates confusion.

In this post we are publishing 76 Amazing Examples of Bokeh Photography for your Inspiration.

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bokeh photography6.jpg

bokeh photography9.jpg

bokeh photography3.jpg

bokeh photography4.jpg

bokeh photography5.jpg

bokeh photography1.jpg

bokeh photography7.jpg

bokeh photography8.jpg

bokeh photography2.jpg

bokeh photography10.jpg

bokeh photography11.jpg

bokeh photography12.jpg

bokeh photography13.jpg

bokeh photography14.jpg

bokeh photography15.jpg

bokeh photography16.jpg

bokeh photography17.jpg

bokeh photography18.jpg

bokeh photography19.jpg

bokeh photography20.jpg

bokeh photography21.jpg

bokeh photography23.jpg

bokeh photography24.jpg

bokeh photography25.jpg

bokeh photography26.jpg

bokeh photography27.jpg

bokeh photography28.jpg

bokeh photography29.jpg

bokeh photography30.jpg

bokeh photography31.jpg

bokeh photography32.jpg

bokeh photography33.jpg

bokeh photography34.jpg

bokeh photography35.jpg

bokeh photography36.jpg

bokeh photography37.jpg

bokeh photography38.jpg

bokeh photography39.jpg

bokeh photography40.jpg

bokeh photography41.jpg

bokeh photography42.jpg

bokeh photography43.jpg

bokeh photography44.jpg

bokeh photography45.jpg

bokeh photography46.jpg

bokeh photography47.jpg

bokeh photography49.jpg

bokeh photography50.jpg

bokeh photography51.jpg

bokeh photography52.jpg

bokeh photography53.jpg

bokeh photography54.jpg

bokeh photography55.jpg

bokeh photography56.jpg

bokeh photography57.jpg

bokeh photography58.jpg

bokeh photography59.jpg

bokeh photography60.jpg

bokeh photography62.jpg

bokeh photography63.jpg

bokeh photography65.jpg

bokeh photography66.jpg

bokeh photography67.jpg

bokeh photography68.jpg

bokeh photography69.jpg

bokeh photography70.jpg

bokeh photography71.jpg

bokeh photography72.jpg

bokeh photography73.jpg

bokeh photography74.jpg

bokeh photography75.jpg

bokeh photography76.jpg

bokeh photography77.jpg

bokeh photography78.jpg

bokeh photography79.jpg

bokeh photography80.jpg

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  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post

  2. James

    What a great colection of bokeh photography…

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    Very impressive collection. I specially like the one with coffe mug the best.

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  5. S. Tushar

    Freaking Fantastic… i love the effects.. and love to try those on my photography too…

  6. TwitterBackgrounds

    Great article 🙂 I love photography in general but Bokeh photography is kinda amazing. You really selected some great shots here. Worth a RT, definitely 😉

  7. Pablo Lara H

    I love Bokeh.

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