20 Really Fantastic Wallpapers for Summer

Summer is coming, and that means that it’s time for some great landscapes, soothing pictures of rain and horses. Here are twenty of the most beautiful wallpapers to get you into that summer mood.

In this post we are publishing 20 Really Fantastic Wallpapers for Summer for your desktop. If you like any of these wallpapers and you plan to use them then please read the license agreement of the creator as they may change from time to time.

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Nexus by Burning Liquid

A beautiful summer sunset on an alien world, complete with palm trees and stars.

The Greenway

You can see for miles around, and there’s not a soul in sight. The horizon offers nothing but blue skies ahead.


It’s hard to think of summer without the presence of sunflowers.


Summer is the time for vacations on the isands. You can kick off your flip flops to feel the beach sand between your toes in this picture.

Rainy Day in Sunny June

If there were going to be a rainy day in summer, it should look like this. The sun is just peeking through the clouds on a meadow that goes on forever.

Poppy Field

This wallpaper looks like it was taken directly from a musical. You can almost picture the singer in the field dancing from flower to flower and not crushing a single one.

Gerbera Daisies

Pretty pink gerbera daisies that were picked specifically for you. The fiery fuchsia blooms are some of the best that nature has to offer.

Hidden Waterfall

Sneak away from the rat race to this beautiful hideaway. A long day of work is well rewarded when you can dunk yourself in the cool water and feel the power of the waterfall in the distance.


After a long day of walking, it is a humbling event to look up to see a delightful panorama of trees.

Unicorns in a Field

The perfect meadow is depicted here with the image of two unicorns standing in a field of red and yellow flowers.

The Grill

Grilling and Barbecuing make a summer complete. If anyone asks what you’re going to be doing this summer, all you have to do is point to this wallpaper.

Whale Tail

Sailing is a popular summer pastime, and nearly any vacationer would love to see this image of a whale tail at sunset.


The Hawaiian islands make the perfect getaway for any summer traveller. Lush ferns and flora grow at the top of this valley. A textured green path leads down to the clear waters below. A lone tree stands guard over the entire scene.


Rolling hills rise in the background while boats of all sizes roam this unfamiliar marina. A simple lone lighthouse stands guard over an inlet on this gorgeous clear day.


This close up bouquet of exotic flowers inspires thoughts of nature’s delicacy. Peace and relaxation seem to emanate from the beauty of the red, blue, pink and yellow flowers. The flowers rest on a foundation of ivy which can be seen only in hints below the blooms.

Prairie Storm

Who can deny the powerful contrasts offered by summer weather? An amber wheat field shimmers in the sunlight, waving to the gentle breezes. In the distance, a storm rages with a solid wall of blue grey clouds. Crackles of lightning shoot to the ground, blessing the grain with its fire touched fingers.


A dolphin beckons everyone to join in the joy of leaping out of the endless ocean. A vision of pure contentment spreads across the dolphin’s face while it enjoys the play of the water leaving its body.


There is a small forest of deep green trees which frames the peaceful and serene image of a three story pastel yellow pagoda. The reflection of the building almost strikes a pair of trees which grow on a rock island.

Summer Dream

A very different wallpaper which looks upwards to the top of several bright trees with light coming through them. With several bubbles coming down through the trees and light.


What summer would be complete without fireworks? A beautiful flower of fireworks graces this wallpaper. The petals are created in starbursts of red, gold and blue. The center is a golden promise of summer fun.

Summer’s beauty should be experienced, but the next best thing is through pictures on your desktop. Bring your escape to work by putting a few of these wallpapers on your computer.

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This guest article was written by James Adams, a blogger working for a supplier of HP 363 ink and supplies. Read more of his posts about design and advertising on their blog.

James Adams – who has written posts on Artatm – Creative Art Magazine.

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