Drupal Tutorials and Resources for Beginners

drupal-logoDrupal is a famous free and open source Content Management System (CMS). If you are a beginner or you have just started to work with Drupal then you must know drupal Tutorial Resources otherwise you will waste your time on search engines for drupal help. Every Drupal developer must know some basic concept before starting otherwise it is difficult to handle and work with it.

The first time when I started to work with Drupal, understanding its Terminology was a difficult task for me. If you want to be a Drupal developer you should know what is node, taxonomy and terms. You should know when to use,where to use and how to use.


Once you start with Drupal, Drupal.org is one of the best places to get all information from start to end, it is difficult to digg it for information because of its vast database of information.

1. The Drupal overview

Before starting take a look at drupal overview and try to understand some basic fundamental and its concepts. Is will be helpful to lean faster and easier way.
A common mistake when approaching a solution to a problem in Drupal is to make an assumption about how Drupal works. Drupal is a unique and powerful platform that is probably quite different from other solutions you may have encountered.

Start simply by making something visible, then celebrate what you have accomplished. Taking one small step at a time will lead to a better site. Don’t indiscriminately add many contributed modules right away

2. Cook book

The Drupal Cookbook (for Beginners) helps Drupal “newbies” by providing a walkthrough of a common Drupal Setup. This cookbook requires a basic understanding of the General concepts of drupal.

You can locate the book at The Drupal Cookbook (for beginners)

It contains Drupal Terminologies and Drupal Jargons.
In the same line you can also take a look at Glossary to learn drupal terms. It will help a lot for sure!!!!!

3. Drupal Handbook

The handbook offers a comprehensive guide to every aspect of installing, using and extending Drupal. This contains Understanding Drupal,customization etc.

You can get the PDF form at:

4. Drupal API Reference

  • You can get started with the Drupal API at “Working with the Drupal API
  • Apart from this you can get a very good API reference from lullabot.com
  • The Lullabot API website is intended to be an alternative to Drupal API, providing a more extensive collection API functions including many
  • contributed modules, as well as a more convenient interface for accessing functions.

  • DrupalContrib
    DrupalContrib provides API reference for drupal 5, drupal 6, drupal 7. From Bacis to in- Depth.
  • Views 2 API Manual
    This could get you started with the Views

5. Cheatsheet

Cheat sheets are a compressed list of useful commands, functions, overall helping tips in order to help accomplishing a certain task. This GHOP task would be to create such a cheat sheet for a Drupal developer (or themer). To determine what should be included on the sheet is a difficult task, because one needs to focus on the most needed, and most often searched pieces of information.

You could get a lot of help from the following links:

6. Get Help From Drupal Forum

If you are stuck some where then you can always go ahead and take the required help from drupal forum.

7. Other Resources

  • Learn how to create a very simple, custom module
    In this article you learn how to create a very simple, custom module to provide announcements on a Web site
  • Theme Guide
    This handbook is about customizing the look and feel of a Drupal site
  • Planet Drupal
    Planet Drupal aggregates broadly appealing, Drupal-related blog posts pertaining to the community at large (code, advocacy, marketing, infrastructure etc.)
  • Module developer Guide
    A Drupal site can have three kinds of modules: core modules that ship with Drupal and are approved by the core developers and the community; contributed modules written by the Drupal community and shared under the same GNU Public License (GPL) as Drupal; and custom modules created by the developer of the website. This section of the Developing for Drupal handbook will help you to write your own modules and to collaborate with the community on shared projects.
  • Coding Standards
    The Drupal Coding Standards applies to code within Drupal and its contributed modules. It provides details of Indenting and Whitespace, Operators, Control Structures, Function Calls, Function Declarations, Arrays, String Concatenations, Comments, Including Code, PHP Code Tags.
  • Blueprint
    Blueprint is a starter Drupal theme meant to make development of custom themes faster.
  • Writing secure code
    Know about a security issue? Whether you are writing a PHP snippet or an entire module, it is important to keep your code secure.
  • Drupal Code Search
    Drupal Code Search helps you find Drupal codes easily!
  • Drupal Snippets
    Here you can find useful Drupal code ‘snippets’.

8. Tutorial References

  • mydrupal.com
    Helping Drupal developers, with Themes, “How-to” Questions, Tips, Recipes etc.
  • Lynda
    lynda.com provide video tutorials
  • Video includes:
    » How to build new Drupal themes
    » Setting themes and theme permissions
    » Using the Color Module to change color schemes
    » Building sub-themes
    » Adding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to themes
    » Understanding templates
    » Applying themes to pages, nodes, and blocks

  • DrupalSN
    Here you will find a selection of useful Drupal Resources.
  • Acquia
    Acquia is a commercial open source software company providing products, services, and technical support for the open source Drupal social publishing system.
  • Drupal Tutorial Lessons
    Drupal dojo was founded by Josh_k with the intent to gather a few Drupal ninjas and a couple dozen eager ninjannabees that would eventually form a series of training sessions.
  • Learn By The Drop.com
    Learn By The Drop is a place to learn Drupal.
  • Excellent Podcasts about Drupal
    Lullabot writes books and articles, publish videos, and roll out weekly podcasts about Drupal and building web sites.
  • Computer Minds
    Keep up to date with Drupal hints, tips and snippets straight from the ComputerMinds trenches.
  • Got Drupal.com
    Videos about the evolution and development of drupal sites
  • Drupal Dude.com
    A Site to help you learn Drupal and its Module.
  • Some other Tutorials that you could follow

  • Podcast 50 drupal tips and tricks
  • Tips webdesign10
  • Nicklewis

9. Drupal Hosting

Using HostUCan web hosting search tool to find an ideal Drupal Hosting solution for your site. You could submit your hosting review and ask Drupal hosting question there. HostUCan also offers free web site uptime and performance monitoring service, you definitely should check them out to understand the health of your site better.

If there is anything missing related to Drupal tutorials and referece please suggest.

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