55 Must Know Twitter Tools and Applications

If you haven’t heard of TWITTER, than you are surely an endangered species!!!! Today twitter is omnipresent. The growth of Twitter has been phenomenal. Due to this growth more and more people are trying to learn everything that they can about it. Also because of such a popularity the rate at which its tools and apps have been growing is uncontrollable.

These Twitter Apps are websites which have built-in scripts that complement Twitter and also some other social networking sites. Below we are presenting some of the best applications that could prove really handy to anyone who wants to get benefited by twitter.

We have segregated the list into Twitter General Apps, Twitter Mobile Apps, Twitter Adobe AIR Platform Apps, Twitter Search Apps, Twitter Statistics Apps, Real Time Tweets Interface Apps, Twitter Browser Add-ons

General Tools and Apps


TwitPic allows you to post photos to their site and then tweet the same to Twitter. If you are using Power Twitter, you will see these photos inline in your Twitter Web Interface.
There are several Twitter clients that provide integrated support for TwitPic. Some of them being Twitterrific, ceTwit, twhirl, etc.



Twittercal connects your Twitter account with Google Calendar.

Once you have the two accounts connected, all you need to do is to send a direct message to gcal as shown in the example below to have the event added to your Google Calendar.



Twitpay is a simple way to send payments via Twitter



Twitterfeed allows you to automate posting of new blog posts as a Twitter update. This simplifies a manual task for you. Sign-up at Twitterfeed and enter the RSS feed of your blog. Also enter the frequency at which it should check for updates.

Sit back and focus on your blog now. Twitterfeed takes care of posting any updates directly to Twitter.



Twitturly is a service for tracking what URLs people are talking about as they talk about them on Twitter.
Twitturly is based on the Digg concept but is still different. Instead of voting on our site, you vote by participating on Twitter. Each time that you send a link to your followers on Twitter, Twitturly takes a note of it and applies your vote to that URL.



Twtpoll enables you to create opinion polls/surveys using Twitter.



twibs is a business directory that lists businesses, apps, and services on Twitter.



twistori is an application that searches the Twitter timeline for certain keywords. The UI is quite elegant with keywords shown on the left.
As described on the website: This is the first step in an ongoing social experiment



Digsby is a ‘combo application’ that support Instant Messaging, Email and Social Networks like Twitter.

Instant Messaging Platforms supported are AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber, and Facebook Chat. For email it supports Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL/AIM Mail, IMAP, and POP3 accounts. Social Networking support includes Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn accounts.



Tweetree puts your Twitter stream in a tree so you can see the posts people are replying to in context.
It also pulls in lots of external content like twitpic photos, youtube videos and more, so that you can see them right in your stream without having to click through every link your friends post.



Twittley is a social bookmarking website for Twitter. You can submit links to Twittley and have other vote up your submission. You need to login with your Twitter login credentials.
Twittley also provides a bookmarklet which can be used to submit links at the click of a button!


Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk keeps track of your tasks. Simply add Remember The Milk as your friend, and you can add and interact with your tasks through direct messages and get reminders.



GroupTweet allows you to create private groups within Twitter to have discussions. You need to create a protected Twitter account for the group and have all members following it. Whenever you send a message to the group account, GroupTweet will in turn forward it as direct messages to all the group members.



Simply type your tweet in below and twenglish will twanslate your tweet for you. Now copy / Paste into Twitter.



TwittaScope publishes your horoscope to your Twitter account based on the frequency you select.

Twitter Apps for Mobile Phones


UberTwitter is a Twitter client for the BlackBerry line of mobile phones.



twidroid is the industry-standard twitter client for android and among the most used twitter applications across all platforms. it’s available as a free and commercial pro version that supports all twitter features as well as functionality that is customized to the capabilities of android devices.



TwitterFone is free service that lets you update your Twitter feed using your voice from any mobile or cell phone. You call it, speak your tweet, and hang up. TwitterFone transcribes what you’ve said from voice to text, and posts it to yourTwitter feed for you.



twitsay allows you to leave a voice message on your Twitter profile for all your followers to hear. The service is available only in a few countries currently.



TwitterBerry is mobile client for posting updates to Twitter. It works over the data network, so you don’t need to use SMS. As the name suggests, TwitterBerry is available for the BlackBerry devices.
TwitterBerry quickly lets you post Tweets to the Twitter



With Twitxr you can:

* Share pictures from your mobile phone
* Automatically publish them on social networks and photo sharing sites
* Tell your friends where you are and what you are doing
* Automatically add your location to your pictures and status updates



Tweetie is a full featured Twitter client for the iPhone and iPod Touch.



EchoFon for iPhone (formally known as TwitterFon) is a Twitter client for your iPhone and iPod Touch. EchoFon is focused on 80% of your task of Twitter such as check friends/replies timeline, check direct messages, send a reply and/or a direct message, and search. It also focused on easy to use. It has very clean user interface, very fast response and scrolling.


Adobe Air Apps


twhirl is a Twitter desktop client, based on the Adobe AIR platform. It runs on Windows and Mac OS X.

Some of twhirl’s features:

* connects to multiple Twitter, laconi.ca, Friendfeed and seesmic accounts
* notifications on new messages
* shorten long URLs (using snurl, twurl or is.gd)
* post images to TwitPic
* search tweets using Twitter Search and TweetScan
* timeline filtering
* color schemes



TweetDeck is an Adobe Air desktop application that is currently in public beta. It aims to evolve the existing functionality of Twitter by taking an abundance of information i.e twitter feeds, and breaking it down into more manageable bite sized pieces.


Twitter Statistics Apps


Twitterholic provides a ranking of the Top Tweeters. The list is being constantly updated so you can find out who the most popular twitter users are. The most popular users on twitter are crawled every day, everyone else gets crawled randomly.



Tweetburner allows you to track the website links you post on Twitter and find out how many times people clicked on the link. Think of it as an analytics service for Twitter to keep track of the popularity of links you post. You need to sign in to Tweetburner with your Twitter credentials.



TweetStats enables to you determine your Twitter statistics. It generates graphs for:

* Tweets per hour
* Tweets per month
* Tweet timeline



TwitterCounter is the equivalent of the counter you see on many sites from FeedBurner. FeedBurner focuses on the number of subscribers to your website feed while TwitterCounter shows the number of followers you have at Twitter.



twInfluence is a simple tool using the Twitter API to to measure the combined influence of twitterers and their followers, with a few social network statistics thrown in as bonus.


Twitter Grader

Twitter Grader measures the power of a profile.
It is a good way to locate other Twitter users with similar interests.


Twitter Search Apps


TweetScan searches Twitter, identi.ca and other Laconica-based sites. You can search public messages and user profiles with results available via email, RSS, JSON, and Twhirl.


Twitter Search

Twitter Search allows to search everything that is going on in the world.



Twitterfall is a way of viewing the latest ‘tweets’ of upcoming trends on the micro-blogging site Twitter. Updates fall from the top of the page in near-realtime. You can see tweets for all upcoming trends, or for specific ones from the sidebar.



NearMetter enables you to search the conversions taking place between two Twitter users.


Twitter Job Finder

Twitter Job Finder is a job search engine for Twitter that indexes and archives job related tweets over a 7 day period.



Twellow is a large directory of Twitter users designed to be the yellow-pages for Twitter. It allows browsing of hundreds of categories, location searches using the Twellowhood map feature, and keyword searches within names, bios, and locations.



Twubble can help expand your Twitter bubble—it searches your friend graph and picks out people who you may like to follow.


Real Time Tweets Interface Apps


Twittervision is a real-time geographic visualization of posts to Twitter.
Ensure your Twitter profile has a location and an image defined to appear on the public feed. This will also enable you to be ‘located’ on the Twittervision map.



TwittEarth is a fun mashup on the lines of TwitterVision. It shows tweets in real time on a globe.

Twitter Browser Add-ons


TwitBin is an extension for Firefox that brings the power of twitter right in your browser. You can easily send and receive messages via Twitter in your Firefox browser.

Power Twitter

Power Twitter adds features to the Twitter Web interface including:

-inline YouTube, Flickr, TwitPic, Google Maps, song.ly, and all sorts of playable/viewable media
-link expansion
-link translation to page titles
-search scoped to a specific user

Echofon for Twitter

Echofon adds a tiny status bar icon that notifies you when your friends post tweets. You can also view updates in a timeline and post your own tweets.


Search Twitter and Google Together. Compare results simultaneously. Get Real Time as well as General Google results.


Twitzer is a Firefox extension which lets you post text longer than 140 characters on Twitter.com.
It also provides a feature where you can resolve all TinyURL links to actual links so that you are sure you are clicking on safe links.

Twitter New Friends Apps

Twitter Karma

Twitter Karma is a simple application that lets you manage your follow list. It displays all the people you follow and lets you know if they are following you back. Options to Bulk Follow and Bulk Unfollow are provided to simplify the task!



Tweetyogi allows you to find friends depending on your interests. It also allows you to follow users of a particular zodiac sign!


Are You Following Me Too?

Are You Following Me Too is a simple web application that gets a list of people who are not following you back.


Mr. Tweet

Mr. Tweet helps you easily build meaningful relationships by looking through your network and tweets.
Mr. Tweet will regularly:
* Suggest good people and followers you are missing out on
* Recommend you to enthusiastic users relevant to you
* Regularly update useful stats of your Twitter usage



FriendOrFollow enables you to manage your twitter contacts. FriendOrFollow shows you who are you following that’s not following you back and who’s following you that you’re not following back.



Tweepular is a Twitter Follower Management Tool. You can quickly find out who is following you and quickly cleanse your Twitter account.



One of the best Twitter User Directory with more than 700,000 users on it. WeFollow is a user powered Twitter user directory. Each user can have three associated tags. To add yourself to the directory, all you need to do is to send a message to @WeFollow with the three tags you would like to be listed under.


Twitter Financial Apps


TopStockTweets is a mashup displaying real-time stock tips from the highest ranked Twitter stock market experts. You can get the details on today’s most tweeted stocks, tags, and URLs.


What is My Twitter Account Worth

What is My Twitter Account Worth tries to attach a dollar value to your Twitter profile. Only if there was a “SELL NOW” button, it would make things so much more interesting!

What_is_My_Twitter_Account _Worth


Tweetwhatyouspend is a free tool that makes cash tracking easy.
* No need to keep the receipt! Enter transactions at the point of sale through your mobile phone using Twitter
* Categorize your cash spending through drag-and-drop controls in your secure Cash Journal
* Set daily spending limits and receive alerts to your mobile phone when you near them
* Export your Cash Journal to CSV or Excel


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