Happy Birthday ArtAtm – One Year of Learning

We started ArtAtm.com with the intention to learn something different, to learn wordpress. We never had writing a “Blog” in our minds. We just thought of ArtAtm a platform to learn wordpress. But today, we are learning not just the wordpress but the whole of web.

The first ‘real’ article wirtten was 50 Free Slideshow, Gallery And Lightboxes Scripts which was actually not our own written article but just a redirect to a article on Noupe. Yes, this is how we started off with. The first “own” wirtten article was 10 Best CSS Websites — Part 1. The last article that we have written for the year is a Giveaway: $25 Credits on Next Day Flyers.

What a year it has been, absolutely fantastic, amazing, exhausting, busy, knowledgeful !!!!



Site Statistics

  1. Our Google Page Rank: 3
  2. Monthly visits on our blog started with 55 visits per month to 60,000+ visits per month in one year
  3. Monthly Page views on our blog started with 115 pageviews a month to 115,000+ pageviews per month in a year
  4. Alexa Rank of ArtAtm.com is 37,668
  5. We have 895 Followers on Twitter. Are you a follower yet?
  6. We have 435 RSS Subscribers. Are you a subscriber?
  7. We have 286 Facebook fans. Are you fan yet?

Things you should know about ArtAtm.com

  1. The idea behind the name “ArtAtm” is “All Time Magazine of Art”
  2. Our Google Adsense account was approved January 2010, 3 months after we applied for it.
  3. We got our first Google Adsense payment of $116 on August 2010, 6 months after the approval of our account.
  4. ArtAtm was accepted into an ad network of BuySellAds on April 2010, 5 months after we had applied for it.
  5. Our first ad on BSA was sold on May 2010, a month after the approval. BuySellAds
  6. This is the 151st post on ArtAtm.com (Great timing huh?).
  7. The first comment on ArtAtm was from Weepaycelp .
  8. ArtAtm has got 1059 Approved comments and 9000+ Spam comments
  9. ArtAtm is hosted on Eleven2 .

Estimated worth of ArtAtm.com

$64,137 according to websiteoutlook
$62,119 according to priceofweb
$8,890 according to stimator

Blogging is all about sharing….

We have been very fortunate enough to have made some really awesome friends along the line. These are people without whom we may have never ever reached where we are today. Some of the bloggers who have been helping us throughout this one year are:

  • Web Expedition
  • Pablolarah
  • Animhut
  • Rich Works
  • Underworld Magazines
  • Zeemp
  • Our Tuts
  • Design Juices
  • My PHP Scriptz
  • Designi1
  • Circle Box
  • The Inspiration Blog
  • Inspiration Feed
  • Point Of Viuu
  • Jankovitch
  • Brasonja
  • Marlon Mayer
  • Web Design Mash
  • Cybergyan
  • Nemesis Design


image credit

We have been lucky enough to give our readers some very valuable giveaways. All the thanks goes to the sponsors of the giveaways and to our Advertisers

Top CMS Themes
Next Day Flyers
Deposit Photos

Guest Authors

In this one year we have had 3 guest authors who have shared 7 posts in between them. We would really like to give a big thanks to all the 3 authors. They wrote articles which were very keenly read by our readers. They wrote articles which helped our readers to widen their scope of knowledge. We would love to have their support in the years to come.

Amit You could follow him on Twitter
Christopher You could find him at Web Host Gear
James Adams You could read more of his posts about design and advertising on Cartridgesave.

NOTE: We always welcome all the bloggers/writers out there to write guest articles on ArtAtm. We would really love to have some more people getting on board in this awesome journey!!!

Popular Posts

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Design Changes on ArtAtm.com

There have been a total of 2 changes to the original one and we are almost done with some small 3rd change to the design.

Original Design

Considerable change


Latest changes to be made

Readers are everything!!!

Yes…. That is what the main point is. You, the readers are always the main focus. If there are no readers than there is no use of having sponsors. It is you without whom we would be clueless. It is always your comments, your thoughts, your participation that helps us to move ahead with whatever we have. Thus we, Rocky (AKA Chandan) and Jitu, are very thankful to all our readers who have always liked the content that we put.

At last, we would like to say thank you to all our readers, sponsors, friends and other fellow bloggers to have helped us through all blogging cum Learning journey!!!

Share Your Experience with ArtAtm

We would really like to know as to how have felt about ArtAtm and your experiences on the blog. What changes would you like to have on ArtAtm. What new would you like to have on ArtAtm.

A total football nerd, he loves designing to the core and also likes to get his hands on some programming. He is the Co-Founder of ArtAtm. He hails from India. You may want to Follow Him On Twitter

Jitu – who has written posts on Artatm – Creative Art Magazine.

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    Congrats Sri, keep up the good work my friend.

  2. Design Blog

    Wish you a many many happy birthday and a happy blogging. you are really going great . and thanks for the Mention

  3. jose

    As i already told you bu twitter / Happy B day Buddy! Keep going the good work. I Wish you all the best!!! CHEERS

  4. Dezine Weblog

    Congratulations & Happy Birthday 🙂

    I recently found your blog but I really enjoying reading your posts that’s why I have mentioned one of your post in my weekly recommended reading post 🙂

    Good luck for the future and keep up the good work.

  5. Abhishek Sanghvi

    Its been a long time since I am visiting this website for various reasons that can be tutorial or wallpapers or any other. All the content here is just amazing and I congratulate you on your completion of this first year.

    Keep sharing resources as you have been doing since now and best of luck for the forth coming future.

    • Jitu

      We surely would try and improve the quality of our posts!!!!

  6. Atulperx

    First of all I will give you congrats because you have done very nice work and it is not easy to stay in blogging business for so long if you are looking for money but expert know that patience always pay back for sure . I am blogging from last 5+ years but most of the time I create , develop and sell them out but now no more .

    One more point I like in your blog post – You still remember who was the first comment posted on your blog and given credit to him/her .

    Good Job and Best of luck for future .

    • Jitu

      Thanks for all the appreciation. Hope we could keep going on like this!!!!

  7. Pablo Lara H

    Happy Birthday and thank you for the mention!

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