Basic Trends to follow When Building a Sports website

sportsWhile building a sports website you basically need to have your main focus on the content that you are going to put on the home page and the structure of the website. Some basic trends that need to be followed while making a sports website are as follows

1. Colours

The most basic of all!!!! Use the colour theme of the official colours and make the colour appear in your work.(Usually the colours are superb to use)

2. Pictures

Playing with pictures is one of the most important things that should be followed while making a sports website. You will be getting some of the best pictures at your disposal, be sure to make use of them in as very artistic manner. You will have to make use of a large background image that goes with your sport.

3. Features

Always try to showcase the main features of the website(club) on the home page to make the navigation for the users efficient and effective.

4. News Section

Now a days the most basic area that a sport website showcases is the news with one image for one news. Show it as a slideshow or with some javascript effect.
Do not forget to showcase the official colours in your news section hover, it will make it look very “patriotic”!!!!!!

5. Video Integration

Do not make users to wait for the highlights of the latest match of the team. Try to integrate the latest video on the home page itself.

Some really good team/club websites

Utah Jazz


New York Knicks


LA Lakers


Manchester United


Oklahoma City Thunder


Baltimore Ravens


Seattle Seahawks


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