Most Common Mistakes by a Freelancer

aimEach and every human makes a mistake and many a times repeats the same mistakes. Mistakes are many a times not a problem but repeating them could have a biting effect on your career.

In this post I am not going into any kind of “technicality” mistake, but just some basic mistakes which can be easily avoided.

1. Deciding Start Time of the Project

There may be times when you would be having a handful of work and are surely not ready to take up a new one. If a client approaches you for some work then you may say no. That’s perfectly alright. But in this case you are assuming that you would need to start the work in the next few days and thus you say no to the client as right now you do not have time to do the work.

But in normal cases, the web design clients are not on a horse to get the work completed as soon as possible. Thus you could surely share your time line with the client and your start time of the project. If the client agrees then you have a new job in your hand after you finifh the one you are working on right now.

In this way you can actually get some good number of clients.

2. Deciding End Time of the project

Now a days, missing a deadline is a “no matter” for the freelancers.
Beware!!! This could turn out to be the biggest mistake for you career. When you complete a project on which you have done an exceptional work but have missed the deadline, you may have harmed you badly.

If in case this client of yours says some other person that you did a brilliant job on your website but you are not “reliable” on your timeliness, then the other person may start thinking of giving the job to some other person. The reason is, “brilliant” jobs can be done by a lot of people but the “reliability” factor is provided by a handful of them.

3. Pricing

This factor plays a role when you do not much experience in freelancing. Many a times, the freelancers forget that they are “freelancers” and charge according to the reputation of the client.

Remember!! The client has come to you because you are a freelancer, the one who does the work for lesser amount of money. You cannot do this mistake.

4. Maintenance

Never tell a client about your future plans, especially if they are out of designing and freelancing, you may just have lost the job in hand. This is because the client gets an idea that you may not be able to provide him the maintenance work that he requires.

5. Existing Relationship with the Client

If you have already worked with the client in the past or if you have any type of relationship, then you should try to accept his work as soon as possible. If it is a client that you have had a good experience with, you will probably want to do everything you can in order to keep the client rather than passing on the job. Not taking the project will lead them to work with another designer and they may wind up never coming back to you.

6. Networking Opportunities

In addition to just networking opportunities with other service providers, there may be situations where the client would be a valuable contact that you would like to have in your network. These are all situations that should be considered when they arise. While this particular project may not be perfect, it could open up doors that wind up making a big difference in your career.

7. Forgetting after Referring

If there is a project that is out of your scope then many freelancers would never say a direct “No” to the client. They try to hook him up with some other freelancer which matches his skill set.

But, what after that??? You forget that you have give the client not just an alternative but a very good alternative which proves to be beneficial to him. If not, then the client may not turn up to you too, cause his experience with the other guy you referenced was not a good one. Thus always try and be in touch with the client and also the other freelancer.

Suggest if there are any “basic” mistakes and not technical.

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